Running Naked

As in no music. Don’t be perverse…

I try not to be dependent on anything while running.  I’ve heard stories of people whose mp3 wasn’t working so they ditched a run or a race.  Negative Ghostrider.  I’m doing the run hell or high water.  I will admit that there are a couple things I really, really, really like to have on a run.  First:  water.  I carry the Nathan 10 ounce.  It’s the only handheld I like because I don’t actually have to hold it.  It straps on and stays.  I also have two hydration packs – Nathan and Ultimate Direction.  If I’m alone and the distance is further than ten miles I take one of them.  I need to use water to either spit or get the dryness out of my throat.  I don’t actually drink a lot while I run – even in a half marathon – but I use it often and I don’t like to depend on aid stations.  When I’m not at a race, well, there are no aid stations.  Second: My Garmin Forerunner 305.  It’s huge but I’ve used it for 6 years now so I’m just used to it.  I don’t always wear it when I race if it’s chip timed and I’m not trying for a PR, but otherwise there’s always something I’m watching.  Mileage, heart rate, speed, etc… whatever my coach wants me to go by, unless I had someone shouting out my numbers, I need the watch.

My Garmin

Water bottle

I have shown up for a run without one or the other and yes, I still do the run.  I just ask someone what our distance and total time was or I guess-timate it and I run with a dry throat.  I’d rather do the run than not do it. Duh.  One thing I love about running is the only thing that’s absolutely essential are good running shoes.  Everything else is superfluous.  Fun, yes.  Necessary, no.

I rarely run with music.  Having it usually annoys me more than it helps me.  Between the wires, the earphone coming out of my ear and fast forwarding the songs that I’m not in the mood for it’s just easier to go without.  I like nature, I feel more safe when I’m completely focused on my environment and it’s one less thing to become dependent on.  This last week, however, I threw caution to the wind and used my very pink iPod Shuffle on 2 occasions!!!!  I know, I know….  I’m living on the edge….  I was in a group and on a trail so I wasn’t as concerned with my surroundings, I only ever wear one earphone anyway so I could hear people talking.  I got past the fast forwarding issue by talking to myself out loud.  “No, no, no.  Oh, this is a good one”  which probably makes me look slightly insane but people think running 7 miles of hills on a trail is insane anyway so how much worse could it be??  I kind of liked having music.  Not the fast forwarding but when a song was on that I was in the mood for, it was fun.  I did ask my two running buddies if they wanted me to sing.  Loudly and out of breath.  They declined.  I can’t imagine why…..  It’s all about mixing things up.  I don’t get bored running necessarily but changing things up has it’s advantages.

My iPod shuffle. Be jealous.

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  1. jaml905

    Love the Ipod Shuffle. I’m not really a pink person so I’m thinking of getting the green one. 🙂 I used to bring my Ipod touch but I find it too big. Then I started running without music. I would like to have one for times I’m in the mood of listening to music while I run.

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