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Parenting is a thankless job. It’s worth it, it’s exceptionally joyful but it’s also exceptionally difficult. There isn’t a parenting book – nor do I believe there can be as we’re all so unique and so are the kiddos we’re raising.

Making a difference in the life of a child is more significant than can be expressed. YOU are making a difference if you’re called “parent”, “grandparent”, “aunt”, “guardian”, etc… If you’re influencing a child’s life, you’re powerful beyond belief. “With great power comes great responsibility”.

This call is to support and uplift YOU – the one in the trenches trying to hold your shit together while navigating your own life, baggage, parenting struggles,

My journey into parenthood started in 3rd grade with my teacher – Carolyn StJean – who made such a significant impact on my life, I will carry it with me in the fibers of who I am forever. In her eyes I was smart, beautiful, important, unique. To her I was worth it.

Now, I’m paying it forward. YOU are worth it to me.

Making a difference to one became 18 children which isn’t a bragging right and wasn’t a goal. Sadly I turned down more kids than I took, but the ones I took I held on to tightly. I’ve weathered a few storms with those kiddos, including but not limited to – kids born with drug addictions, failure to thrive, autism, a lung disease that’s usually terminal but thankfully wasn’t, testing for Downs Syndrome at 24 hours old, suicide attempts, very specific diets, a child whose parent has Huntingtons Disease, extreme cases of physical and emotional abuse, cutting, kids with anxiety and depression and one child who has been missing for over two years.


Cooking for the masses/eating healthy/body image

Love languages

Picky eaters

Clean your room

Bullying – creating an anti-bullying manifesto


Decisions in teen years affect us forever


Parents timeline of saying thank you – get over yourselves – revoking permission

It’s OK I’ve been lost here before – navigating different personalities

Losing your identity to your kids

Working in or out of the house

Surviving divorce and Single parenting

Blending families

Creating adventures

Consumerism and kids

Pinterest fails

Borrowing faith in self-worth (Miss StJean)

Therapy – hypno, traditional, reiki, etc…

We want the shit show and the success

Dating your partner and your kids

Infertility, miscarriages

Sex/birth control/std’s/relationships









Anger management

Kids not liking each other


There Is An “I” In Team

Recently on an unusually warm day, I pulled out a running vest. There was a logo embroidered on it with the name of the running team I was on a few years ago. I ran to meet my new team – all women – and thought about how much I love running with them and how much I’ve learned from them about my business life.  Continue reading

What I’ve Learned About Branding

Branding, marketing, advertising, SEO, analytics, sales funnel, email lists, etc… Those words made me want to pull my hair out, run screaming out of the room and cry. Not a pretty picture. I can’t say I’ll ever understand SEO – or more specifically how to increase my numbers with search engine optimization and utilize the corresponding analytics – but I’ve become OK with that. I’ve also become OK understanding, but not utilizing to it’s best potential my email list and sales funnel. I wanted less graphs and more human-ness. Continue reading

Feeling Discouraged – The Funk

It happens to all of us, regardless that we may feel the opposite most of the time. THE FUNK. Not necessarily due to anything in particular, it hits with a fury. Symptoms include – but are not limited to – not wanting to do anything at all, staying in yoga pants full time, forgetting you own makeup and even possibly less frequent showering. Can also include dragging of feet, staring off into space, feeling a general discouragement, and being completely an un-fun person. THE FUNK doesn’t only affect you, but everyone you come in contact with and it’s very unattractive.  Continue reading

One Year Post Suicide Attempt

November 7th is my daughter Gabi’s birthday. She turned 17 yesterday, is a senior in high school. She’s incredibly smart and skipped 5th grade. Seriously, the school didn’t know what to do with her. They kept trying to fit her in programs because she was so far ahead and finally I told the principal to send her to 6th grade. It was a great decision. Gabi is shy and quiet and funny as hell. I mean really, really funny. Yesterday, I went to her school and brought her some super gross, store bought, frosted sugar cookies, a minion birthday balloon and a love note. It’s the little things. Since she graduates this coming Spring, this was the last year to embarrass her at school. Good times. She traded her Minion balloon for a pastrami sandwich. Since it cost me $1.05 I think she traded well. Continue reading

Why I Pierced My Nipples

Life with mostly teenagers has changed me a lot and all for the better. I have very candid conversations with my kids who now have the wisdom a little age and perspective starts to bring. I’m thankful that I raised them to question everything – including my decisions.  Continue reading

New Beginnings – School Starts 2017

It’s that time again. School started August 7th. We have a shorter summer and more vacations – which I like – so for a lot of the country, we start early. As it seems with all things, we get excited for the change. School ending, school starting back up, seasons changing, etc…. Continue reading

Being Your Authentic Self

Being your authentic self is so easy to say, but not always so easy to do. Perhaps you think it’s no problem – not an issue – but I’d push you to think deeper. Think FEAR. Fear of what people will think of you. Fear that you’ll lose friends. Fear that you won’t be enough – smart enough, funny enough. Or maybe you’ll be too much. Most of us allow fear and ego drive a lot of our decisions and both should get out of the vehicle altogether, let alone be allowed to drive it. Continue reading

Telling Your Child How Cute They Are Does Not Raise Self-Esteem

A contradiction? Perhaps. But that’s not my experience. Telling your child how cute they are does not raise self-esteem. In no way do I think NOT telling them will raise self-esteem, or telling them they aren’t cute (obviously). I’m not suggesting either of those as options. We have a 7 year old daughter who is pretty much the cutest thing ever. Seriously. We get stopped by people who tell her how cute she is regularly her entire life. Her gregarious personality and sense of humor make people notice her even more. On top of that she loves attention, has good pitch when she sings and if there’s music on it’s a guarantee that she’s dancing. Everywhere. You’d think this is all a good thing, right? Cute, musical, outgoing, loves attention.  Continue reading

Our Tiny House Vacation!

We could hardly believe we did it! D and I actually took 3 nights and (roughly) 4 days of vacation – ALONE!!! It’s up there on our bucket list of things to do since it’s been so long that we’ve taken so long away from kids. 20+ years long. We’ve been gone one at a time. We’ve been gone for 24-ish hours, but this??? This was bliss. And what did we do on our time off? We stayed in Auburn, CA two hours away in a TINY HOUSE ON WHEELS!! Continue reading