Just A Taste

My weekend reTREAT in Kingston, WA was amazing. Off the charts amazing.  I have SO much to write about but first I’m waiting for pictures and to digest all the information. I’m also in dire need of a really long, hard sleep and I’m hoping that happens tonight.  Here are some highlights that I’ll post on soon:  Oiselle is a clothing company that I’ve gotten to know about over time and they’re more impressive as time goes on – and now I’ve met a few of their staff members.  I met Sarah and Dimity from Another Mother Runner – it’s nice to actually know them instead of just being a cyber-stalker.  They were fabulous speakers just as much in person as in they are via blog, articles, podcasts or books.  I met creator, owner, all around amazing woman from RecoFit Sports who makes equally amazing compression gear.  There was a goal setting ceremony, SUP, trail running, swag and lots of food, visiting, an infinity pool, view of the ocean…..  Sigh – in other words, it was heaven!!

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