Say WHAT??!! Did you just say Fartlek??!!

My head is going to explode.. Not unusual for me. First, my laptop’s been acting up so I finally broke down and wrapped it up to send to my amazingly tech talented Brother-In-Law in Arizona who fixes it and sends it back. I’m hard on things. Not intentionally – I do actually try to take care of my things – but it’s true.  So it will be gone for at least 2 weeks in which time I will be taking over sharing Chris’ which neither of us likes.

Also, I was supposed to take the kids camping for a week, however there were issues with campsites so instead we spent several days at the lake.  Fun, relaxing and lots of laundry, clean up and rushing to make dinner.  Worth every second.

Finally, I’m leaving Friday morning until Sunday night to go to a Women’s Retreat in Kingston, WA.  I’m very, very excited.  They encouraged not to bring a laptop which is another reason why I shipped mine out.

I met with my coach and team for my first Tuesday night group run.  Fartlek.  This sounds like a dirty word because it is.  Kind of like the Orbit commercials.  Lint licker, shut the front door, etc…  I discovered on Tuesday that Fartlek is like a nice way to say a swear word.  It was awesome!!!  That makes me a little demented, but hey – we already knew that!!!

There are no photos of this most excellent escapade because I was muttering the word “fartlek” under my breath, sweating in 94* and I didn’t carry a camera.  We did a warm up and recovery at beginning and end which was hard because it’s so slow.  I may understand why we do this, it doesn’t mean I love it.  In the interum, we got in line shortest to tallest – and yes, there were only 2 men taller than I am…  WOOT!!  The person at the end sprints to the front and we just kept going until I was pretty sure I’d puke (but didn’t).  I crapped out and didn’t complete the last few, but it was my first time so I’m cutting myself some slack.  I’ve heard the importance of speedwork but have never done any so this is good.  Or so I keep telling myself….  I do know I won’t quit – I want to finish the entire workout every single time and see how much my running improves!!

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