Heart Rate & Blinking Lights

At our run across the Galena Bridge the kids got some awesome swag bags (why didn’t I get a swag bag you may ask?? Because I had to haul butt back to the car so the kids didn’t have to run/walk a 10K) The bags came with a water bottle, mini first aid kit, waterproof envelope for credit card/license, several maps of the area, pens, pencils, stickers, coloring books, reflective shoe laces, etc… AND a light up reflector that blinks two different ways or stays solid. As I sit on the couch – granted a little punchy from getting up at 5am, running 8 miles and then hauling it to the salon to take care of 6 clients – I’m looking at the bags of swag with some jealousy….. “I want a lighty uppy thingy!!” I whined! My beautiful 20 year old daughter Bri sitting next to me said, “We all want you to have a lighty uppy thingy…. In between your ears!”  Awesome.  And true.

So Coach wants the team to train with a heart rate monitor.  I have one for my Garmin but Bri doesn’t have one.  I pulled out all my Polar relics to see if I could get anything to work.  BAM!!  I put a new battery in the Garmin and reprogrammed it and it’s all good.  Out of the other 3 monitors I got 2 to work!!  I’m ingenious.  Like a guru of technology….  Or lucky and good with batteries.  Whichever.

Oh yeah…. Sexy looking heart rate monitors… I have a spare if anyone else wants to join us on a run…


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