Uh, Define “Normal”

One of my besties – Kelly Dooley – whom I love and adore, respect and admire also happens to be the owner of BodyRock Sport a company that I also love, adore, respect, admire, etc… She lives and works out of New York City and my alter ego (which happens to be a huge part of me) actually wants to pack up and move there so I can beg a job off her and live in her world. Since that seems to not be on my agenda (Seriously??  I think my alter ego is smarter than I am!), I’m resigned to live over 3000 miles away but support her in any way I can.  Like shopping on her website as often as possible and wearing all of her designs.  Tough job.  I can handle it.  You’re welcome.

BodyRock is just phenomenal.  I hope everyone in my little blog circle goes to the site and, when you do, read Kelly’s Closet as well as how she names her sports bras and how some are approved for mastectomy and breast augmentation recovery.  Kelly gives back well even though her company is still technically young.

I found a recent comment on BodyRock’s Facebook interesting.  BodyRock posted a picture of a beautiful model in fantastic shape showing a new yoga bra and booty shorts.  Nothing unusual.  The comment was that she’d like to see “normal” women modeling the clothing.  What the heck is “normal”??  I commented that nearly every picture I’ve sent wearing BodyRock has been posted and BodyRock commented back that I was also BodyRocker of the Month in April.  True story and quite an honor and a privilege.

So again, define normal.  For those of you who haven’t read every detail about me, I’m 41 years young, I’ve been pregnant 7 times and for (and because of) those pregnancies I’ve endured 10 surgeries.  7 to become pregnant and 3 at the end of my baby making career including a hysterectomy at 33.  I breastfed for 11 years cumulatively and had 3 children in diapers for several years.  All that time I did foster care and adopted children as well making a big, fun family with 13 children.  So,no, I”m obviously not normal but what I’m trying to say is that if I can get in and stay in shape through all of that anyone can.  Not only do I firmly believe that but I also believe that as women and moms we may no longer (or ever) be cover model material but we’re no less beautiful.  So today on a 3 mile walk/run with my kids I asked them to take some pictures of me in BodyRock.  No makeup artist.  No hair dresser.  No special lighting.  No back drops.  No touch ups or airbrushing.  No trimming my thighs and enhancing my boobs.  Just me sporting shorts and a bra from BodyRock in my driveway.  Yes I deleted the ones where I look like I’m about to sneeze and I’m my own worst critic so I’ll let you know I didn’t like the lighting but I didn’t have time to move the sun and didn’t take the time to change location because honestly, it’s just me…. (Kelly I’m ready to be flown out for my photo shoot.  Just send the plane ticket and the limo!!)

Here’s to being normal!!

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