Tough Competition

The kids last day of school was Wednesday.. Taylor – now entering 8th grade – decided we should have a competition. Of pizza. I know what you’re thinking. You’re jealous. You feel disappointed that you’re not hopping on the competition wagon…  It’s OK.  You can have your own competition with pizza in your local area.

We get take and bake  pizza on those nights when we’re busy and I need to get things done quickly.  Or, we want to watch movies, drink the (very occasional) soda and have a burping contest.  Naturally, that’s one of my kids favorite things to do.  I always win.  You are all invited!!  You’re welcome.  There are three places we’ve gotten take and bake.  Costco, Walmart and Smiths – a local grocery store.  We bought all three to determine which would win our pizza smack-down….

We were all surprised that the Smiths pizza won!!  Sometimes when you’re sizing up the competition, you can end up being shocked at the outcome.  Never judge a book, my friends…..  And happy competing!!


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