Lazy Sunday

Today our accountant came over and we finished up getting all tax stuff organized for both our businesses and personal. She was here just after 9 but staying in bed after 6 means I got to be lazy. And HELLO! talk about down to the wire!!  Made blueberry pancakes for everyone and then we got ready to go to the bike path to bike/run. 3 kids on bikes, 4 kids did 3 miles, Chris and one kiddo did 5 miles and I did 6. Alana was on bike today instead of running so she could do camera duty.  I heart when she does that.  It means there are pictures with me in them.  Yes, I just said that.

I averaged 8:31 minute miles.  Beautiful day, no hurry, just a nice relaxing run in 55* with lower winds.  It was lovely.  I wore my new bra and tank top from BodyRock Sport.  I adore the clothing line.  Expensive and worth every penny.  I was featured as the BodyRocker of the Month for April which was beyond an honor.  Kelly Dooley has truly found an amazing niche for fashion meets function.

I’m trying to remember like Dorothy from Mile-Posts tells me via Saucony’s Find Your Strong Project.  Find Your Strong.  Yes, Dorothy, I think I will.  Good day at the bike path being outside and spending time with my family.


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