King Tut

Yesterday I went on a field-trip with my two 6th graders to the King Tut exhibit. It was a blast because 1.) I was there and 2.) My kids were there. The exhibit was small but the staff was excited, had a lot to say and we learned a ton.  The best part of it all is that my kids know how special and important they are to me.  And they are.

SO, I got great input on the last post about asking for a reduced family rate for races.  Thank you, thank you!!  I did email another race – one that my kids entered last year – and they offered to do a flat rate for us!!  I’m absolutely thrilled.  The race director was fantastic (has 6 kids of his own), very understanding and willing to make it worth it for our family as well as worth it for his race.  The kids will be thrilled!!  Since this race is a series throughout the year, we’ll have additional opportunities to enter the family.  I’m so happy.  It’s hard to push my family to be healthy and active, to run and then not to have the money to enter us all in a race.  Events are the icing.  The goal.  So this is fantastic.

Here’s Ashlea, Gabrielle and myself at King Tut yesterday:

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