Tuesday Twelve 3-27-2012

Ran 8 miles Averaged 8:37 minute miles

So 8 isn’t 12 for those of you paying close attention. I did my usual routine – got home last night and got all my stuff out and ready. This morning at 6 I rolled out of bed, called the airport automated weather and got on weather.com. I vaguely recall thinking that I couldn’t run so I went back to bed. I’m a morning person and usually up and ready to go but this morning I remember it more like a dream.

When I woke up for real at 7:45 I had no idea why I couldn’t run.  It was 32* at 6 am with 6 mph winds.  Not a really big deal.  Hmmm… Guess sometimes you just need to sleep.  I had already made an everything bagel with cream cheese – not something I often eat and never before a run.  As I sat staring at the weather online I realized that there is a wind advisory but it didn’t start until 11 am.  Maybe that was my brain fart this morning??  As I continued to wake up I also realized that if I just threw on my clothes and left I could do the 8 miles straight to work and just cut out the 4 mile hill section.  So I did.  Since I ate the bagel with cream cheese, I threw down a ginger chew (just a precautionary measure for the tummy), got dressed and took off.  After a brief conversation with my co-worker to let her know I’d be in a half hour later and please don’t send a search party out combing the ditches, I was on my way.  It felt great!!!  Yes, it was 11-15 mph winds and in the mid 30’s but I felt so fantastic I was nearly giddy.

There are pros and cons to running the same routes over time.  I personally like to go somewhere new where I don’t know what’s up ahead and just sort of take it as it comes.  It’s new, it’s fresh, it’s exciting and I don’t know how long the hills are or when they’re coming.  Chris likes the same routes because then he can gauge what’s coming.  He knows what to expect and when and can gear up for it.  At any rate, I do the same few routes with alarming regularity.  The biggest pro in my mind is that I know how much I’ve improved.  The first 3.25 miles of my 8 miles is mostly uphill, the remainder flat and downhill.  Those initial hills used to intimidate me.  It takes a couple miles for me to warm up anyway and tossing in some uphill makes the warm up a little more difficult.  I used to stop and walk 1,2 even 3 times in that three miles.  Now those hills seem like just a bump in the road and I run them at a 9 minute mile pace.  That is a good feeling.  A really, really good feeling.

Here’s to getting up, getting out, getting better and getting it done!!!

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