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How To Travel Oversea’s Without Having A Passport

Traveling is #1 on my bucket list of things to do. I want to go everywhere and see everything. Not just the glossy magazine photo’s, I want to feel the places I see. That, so far, hasn’t been in the cards for me although I’ve traveled the USA a fair amount. I do have my passport application though, and I’m forging ahead in the event international travel becomes part of my reality.  Continue reading

Weekend Away

D and I got away last weekend for about 48 hours. It’s the longest we’ve ever been gone without kids, although our older daughter watched her younger sister, so we managed to keep the family together. They did great (as was expected) and we got fun updates on their weekend. Continue reading

Lessons Learned. Maybe

There are things about travelling that I forget every single time.  Or perhaps I expect them to change.  They don’t.

  • I bring the same face wash, lotions, etc… with me on a trip that I use at home but I don’t use them.  I go to bed with makeup, I rush, I don’t follow my normal rituals.
  • My skin breaks out.  See above…..  Duh?
  • My stomach doesn’t work the same and it takes a couple days of being home for it to function normally.  Poop happens.  Just not as much on a trip.
  • I grossly over-pack
  • I forget things.  Yes, this is a contradiction.  It defies every normal law
  • Time runs at least double on a trip.  Last weekend took 48 hours.  The weekend of the trip took 12
  • Unpacking is not nearly as much fun as packing
  • Coming down off the high of friends, family, teammates, travel, racing isn’t at all depressing but “normal life” takes a couple days to feel normal
  • Pictures make it all easier. Yes, you can relive it all
  • I love road trips.  More with crazy women friends!!
Saw this on my way to meet my friends for the trip.  Okie dokie!!

Saw this on my way to meet my friends for the trip. Okie dokie!!

Dinner with a big, crazy bunch of people I love!!!!

Dinner with a big, crazy bunch of people I love!!!!


Journal Jog 2012

Ahhh… The beauty of a start line….

ME!!!! I was feeling hot pink!  Lulumon tank, Nike shorts and the Sophie Bra from BodyRock Sport

44th annual Reno Journal Jog happened Sunday. 8K (5 miles) through a pretty flat part of town and the only competitive stroller race locally. It was a beautiful, cool morning with 877 of my closest friends ready to run.  (OK, I seriously don’t have that many friends… but it felt pretty welcoming).  I did, however see several people I hadn’t seen in quite a while – a couple of years in some cases – and some I see so regularly they’re like family.  I wish I had gotten more pictures.

Charlie. We’re at so many races together I”m pretty convinced he’s stalking me. HAHA!!

David – one of my regular running companions who pushes me the first couple miles and lets me drag him the next couple. It’s a love/hate thing

Me with Ryan – assistant race director and pretty cool guy

Me with Cammie from CCF Cammie Cragg Fitness. Love this girl!!

In the 44 years of the Journal Jog’s existence and the 8 years I’ve lived in Reno, I had never run this.  It’s a shame I hadn’t done if before but fantastic that now I know it intimately.  It was well marked, well staffed and well organized.  Of the 877 entrants, I placed 116th overall, 6th for my age division with a total time of 38:20 averaging 7:43 minute miles.  Not absolutely off the charts stellar, but really good.  Speed is a relative thing.  From the ten minute miles I did a few years ago to now running with an elite group where I’m one of the slowest, I’m just proud of my accomplishments and OK being me.  The great news is – anything is possible if you work for it and believe.

Courtesy RGJ photographer.  I need to get a pic of me running looking like that happy dude in the marathon.  I look like I’m gonna die….

It’s In The Bag

I have running “bags” in a couple of locations and I think hope I’ve gotten pretty good at bringing what I need and not a lot of extra.  At the salon I work at we each have quite a bit of storage. I’m so thankful for this. We have our work stations which are fantastic, but we also each have two lockers. The cabinets are about 7′ tall, so I’m able to store all my salon needs as well as a couple of shelves dedicated to other things.

Sigh…. Closet space….

My “work bag” includes a sports bra, tank top, t-shirt and long sleeve shirt, a pair of shorts, socks and running shoes.  It also has a spare handheld water bottle, a couple of plastic bags from the grocery store (for the post-run clothing).  When the temps start to plummet I add capris or running tights and a running jacket plus gloves and a hat.  I have a  red “medi-kit bag” there as well (from an old diaper bag).  It has deodorant, body and face wipes, band-aids, toothbrush and paste, Nuun, every kind of pain reliever known to man, Benadryl, gas-x, pepto, emergen-C, etc…  It’s a virtual pharmacy because I spend a lot of time at work and I want to be comfortable in the event something unexpected happens – minus a hospital visit I can handle nearly anything at work.  I also have a make-up bag with one of everything I use in it.  I generally use smaller sizes and refill them at home or shades I bought but don’t like as much.  Plus a mascara and eyeliner as well as a ziplock baggie with hair ties, bobby pins, etc…  I’m a hairdresser.  Looking good at work is kind of important.

Essentials for a woman on the Run!! Diaper bag medi-kit, make-up bag and “Life Is Good” running bag

At home I have a Nike backpack or my larger hydration backpack that I grab and go with.  If I’m not doing the race close to home, am hanging out for hours afterward or am at a hotel, I carry a bag to the race to stash with them or whoever I dragged kicking and screaming to take copious pictures of me came along.  In this I put a pair of shoes – flip-flops in summer or my fuzzy crocs if it’s chilly, a brush, a jacket/hoodie/sweatshirt, shirt to change into (hey that’s where I sweat the most!), body/face wipes, camera, phone, a mini medi-kit.  Most of the same things in the red case at work but in smaller bottles, smaller amounts.  No make-up, but a ziplock baggie with extra hair ties and bobby pins.

The Nike backpack has it going on for my roadtrips….

I also have a super mini medi-kit that I sometimes take on long trail runs or races.  I get a small bottle or baggie (the red mini first aid kit zipper pouches work well) and put 1-800mg ibuprofen, 1 Benadryl, 2 gas-x chewables, a travel sized spray neosporin, 1 hair tie, 2 bobby pins and a couple of band-aids.  It takes up very little space and has been needed on more than one occasion.  When you have it and don’t use it, you don’t notice but when you need it and don’t have it you become very aware that it’s missing.

My suitcase for travelling is another story altogether.  I take my make-up case from home, my favorite brush, my face wash, my travel sized shampoo, conditioner and body wash, every piece of running apparel I might need in triplicate, some other clothes for “non running” opportunities….  Then I go to the expo and buy something new to wear on race day.  Go figure!!

Me after a sweaty 5.4 mile run!! Yikes!! Try cleaning THIS up to look presentable!!

A Few Of My Favorite Things

When embarking on a trip I attempt to scale back the necessities to the bare minimum. This trip I didn’t need or want anything checked in to baggage so I had a size constraint (yes, even though it was only 3 days!) and I knew I’d need extra room to take things back with me.  I used my travel sized bottles but still was fully expecting my luggage to be pillaged and items discarded.  I did not take a razor because I was sure that wouldn’t fly.  (HAHA!  Get it – fly??!!) Only to realize when I got home that I had a razor tucked into my toiletries bag – just the razor, no handle but still I’m astounded I didn’t have to go through the raping of my bag, a retinal scan, proctology check, blood work, firstborn, etc… when they x-rayed my belongings.  Here are things that I missed while I was gone….

  • My round brush and blow dryer….
  • My razor – I no longer look like Sasquatch
  • My black liquid eyeliner – BAM!!
  • Olay Total Effects lotion
  • 12 Benefits spray I use on wet hair before  blow drying

Things I missed while I was gone….