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Our Tiny House Vacation!

We could hardly believe we did it! D and I actually took 3 nights and (roughly) 4 days of vacation – ALONE!!! It’s up there on our bucket list of things to do since it’s been so long that we’ve taken so long away from kids. 20+ years long. We’ve been gone one at a time. We’ve been gone for 24-ish hours, but this??? This was bliss. And what did we do on our time off? We stayed in Auburn, CA two hours away in a TINY HOUSE ON WHEELS!! Continue reading

Setting goals

I’ve been realizing more and more lately that regardless of the goal you’re trying to set – finances, losing weight, running faster, building a business, going on a vacation – the steps are the same. Being a goal oriented, list making type of person, this was actually reassuring. When there is a desired result, the same steps apply. Even if I’m getting my hair done…… Continue reading

Letting Go Of The Past

This post (and I’m certain others that may now follow) has been percolating for years.  I don’t face my past in a straightforward way.  I skim, I use it as a peripheral example, I don’t really want people to know.  A large part of my past is about roots and connections.  We moved a lot as a kid and I never really felt like I put roots anywhere.  I am extremely dispassionate about places I’ve lived growing up.  I am ambivalent about people – I have tremendous conflict about really letting people in.  I want to, but I’m afraid to.  I was taught growing up that people have an outstanding propensity to cause an inordinate amount of pain – physically and emotionally.  What got me through growing up and probably saved me – my innate ability to disconnect from everything – is also what I struggle with. Continue reading