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Happy Mothers Day!!

I’ve been a mommy now for 24 years. Although that statement seems impossible, it’s true. It seems like just yesterday – literally – that I found out against all odds that I was pregnant with Brianna. She was my toughest pregnancy. I was so violently ill the doctors recommended inducing a miscarriage, which I declined. When she was born and I was told she wouldn’t live through her first weekend, I would have done absolutely anything to save her. Continue reading

It’s Mother’s Day!!!

Happy Mothers Day to all the Mom’s out there!!  For my Mother’s Day, I asked my Mom In Law (who is my Mom in heart) to join us in taking all the kids to the movies to see Iron Man 3.  Love spending time with my kids!!




Spoil Yourself

I have a pretty good life. I don’t have money to do what I want when I want to, but all in all I can’t complain an awful lot. One of the reasons I feel so blessed is that I spoil myself.  Several years ago I was given a book on Mother’s Day called Wear More Cashmere which ended up being one of my favorite gifts ever.  The book gives suggestions on how to spend less and spoil yourself, but don’t let my inadequate description make you shy away.  Buy it.  One of the suggestions that I took to heart and have stuck with is to spoil yourself.  Pick one or two items and get the good stuff.  You don’t have to splurge on everything, but upgrading a few things will make a big difference to you but a small one on your wallet.

I'm going to splurge...  I deserve it, right????

I’m going to splurge… I deserve it, right????  I spend my day making people look and feel beautiful, the LEAST I can do is use some of my hard earned cash on making myself feel a little beautiful

Chris took this to heart as well.  I don’t love coffee but I like it.  If I”m going to drink it, I want it to taste great or it just isn’t worth it, so Chris found coffee that he loves and I enjoy and upgraded.   My skin started breaking out when I hit my 30’s so I spend money on skin care products (working in the beauty industry helps cost on this though, which is very fortunate since it’s not as much of a budget buster).  My main splurges?? Bubble bath, soap and tea.  I love a nice long soak with a fashion or running magazine but regular bubbles leave my skin feeling dry, tight and stripped.  For bubble bath and soap (as well as tea), I go to Whole Foods and get the good stuff.

This week I had a crisis.  I was down to the end of my bubble bath…..  It was horrifying!!!  Don’t worry, during a break between clients, I ran to Whole Foods and remedied the situation.  Crisis averted!!!

OMG>..  It's bath nirvana in this place!!!!

OMG>.. It’s bath nirvana in this place!!!!  3 employees at different times asked if I needed help.  Nope, just standing here staring!!

3 purchases.  2 on sale.  Of course.  I go sale stuff as often as possible.

3 purchases. 2 on sale. Of course. I go sale stuff as often as possible.

Ooops!!!  How'd these get in my cart???  Mangos were on sale and looked divine and I'm always up for some Newmans dark chocolate and mint!

Ooops!!! How’d these get in my cart??? Mangos were on sale and looked divine and I’m always up for some Newmans dark chocolate and mint!

The "bath shelf" in my bathroom....  Just got Epsom salts at Walmart too.  I was out of everything!!!  Now I have my soaps, bubbles, Epson salts and life is good....

The “bath shelf” in my bathroom…. Just got Epsom salts at Walmart too. I was out of everything!!! Now I have my soaps, bubbles, Epson salts and life is good….

My kids have adopted this ideal as well.  Recently for a friends birthday party a group of girls went to the mall.  They’re becoming quite thrifty and this is what they came home with:

They all got matching jackets on sale at Sears for $10.  I want one!!!

They all got matching jackets on sale at Sears for $10. I want one!!!

They also look up how to make things themselves….

Gabi and Ashlea making their own face masks

Gabi and Ashlea making their own face masks

Dream On

I have a dream journal. It started out because I read a book called Wear More Cashmere.  I received this book for Mother’s Day years ago and I adore it.

I LOVE MY INNER PRINCESS!!!  After reading this, I looked at other books by this author and they’re good but this one is still my favorite.  In Cashmere, she suggests 151 things to do for yourself.  Some require money, many do not.  One of her suggestions was to have a “Dream Journal”.  To write down things that you’d like to do or purchase, places you want to go.  Have a “luxurious imagination”, the sky is the limit.  Dare.  To.  Dream.

And for years I’ve adopted that idea.  I write things down as they come to me.  Some I’ve checked off the list, some I may not ever check off, sometimes the dreams change.  But at least I have them although sometimes life gets in the way and it’s easy to forget to dream.  So I took out my journal and started reading it…

My dream journal

When things don’t go the way we want it’s easy to get overwhelmed, to forget the little things that are so important, to succumb to stress or just generally be discouraged.  Take my last  race….

I fell.  Ate it really hard.  I’m going to look like a battered woman for a while.  My time wasn’t anywhere near where I wanted it to be.  It was embarrassing, frustrating, I felt stupid.  But I kept going.  I still beat my last time.  I finished.  I enjoyed my day.  I’ve trained twice for a marathon/50K and both times had to give up the race.  After all that training.  I could have let it bother me and, don’t get me wrong, it bummed me out.  But my family always comes first so I let it go knowing if it’s really important I can train again.

People ask often how I find the time to run.  It’s all about balance and priorities.  It’s about having a dream and doing what you can to make it a reality.  It’s about not getting discouraged when things don’t go as planned.  It’s about rolling with the punches and moving forward.  Dream big.

One of my favorite shirts; “Live With Passion”


Oh, yes. Favorite day of the year. OK, one of them anyway. I woke up and (since Chris isn’t a morning person) moved to the office (aka Gentleman’s Retreat) to wait for the kids. They brought in breakfast – my favorite – and as always made enough so we all ate it together. Then they gave me the presents they’d made in school, the handmade cards, the things that I treasure most.  They even squeezed orange juice for me.  I totally deserved it!

Then we suited up for the Avengers movie.  Four of my girls decided they wanted to dress me.  Needless to say I was a little concerned.  They started pulling things from my closet, drawers, they consulted each other….  The final outfit was fantastic and without their knowledge it was nearly all BodyRock Sport by Kelly Dooley!!  I’ll wear anything from her any day of the week!!

The movie was fantastic, we took up two rows (naturally) and every one of us thought it was very well done.  Go see it.

Bri got here after work and did the grocery shopping for my M Day dinner.  A penne dish with sausage, 3 types of cheese and homemade sauce.  She needs to name it.  It’s amazing!!!  Before cooking dinner, Bri, Taylor and I did a 3 mile run and holy cow those two make me laugh!!!  I’m not sure we actually got anything done (except we did make the loop back to the car) but we sure laughed a lot.  At home Bri cooked while Chris and I hiked the dogs 2 miles.  Lovely!!

Dinner and lemon squares (homemade of course!!) were divine.  I love my life!!!

Good times….

“We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are.” – Max DePree

Copied from Vanilla Bean Lean who is a sassy blogging friend of mine…

Wednesday I always do the same 4 mile run.  My BRF Danielle usually comes (which is great!).  Today my son Tay and daughter Alana ran as did my hubby.  Nicolas, Ashlea, Kezia and Sam rode bikes.  I love these outings with the kids.  They distract me a little from thinking about my run and I get to share tips with them.  We averaged 9  minute miles which isn’t bad for this particular hill run.

I have a list started:  “Things Jenn wants to spend $$ on”.  One of my favorite people (ME) doing one of my favorite things….

1.  Reno Tahoe Odyssey Relay (June but due now)  $110

2.  Women’s reTREAT (Aug but due March 15)  $326

3.  Mom’s On The Run (Mother’s Day – entire family) $370.  Pricey for all of us to do this but money goes to women in Northern NV with cancer and stays locally.  I like that.  Plus it’s a great event for celebrating being a MOM

4.  Misc. stuff I really want, don’t necessarily “need” (such a strong word….)  $170

5.  Ticket to Seattle (By July)  $300

6.  Other races I’m doing, to be determined, but not an enormous cost……

I really, really, really need to make more dough….  Hair has been slow.  This is not helping my cause, which, quite honestly, is ME.  And it’s a good cause.  SO, more hours and pimping my Hair Shop out is in order since not paying any bills to facilitate my selfish desires is probably not an option.  Bummer.  I’m so much fun.

Just a little shopping trip for ME ME ME!!!


Everyone around me is talking about New Year Resolutions. Even here in blog world (one of my favorite places to hang out!). I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’m not into resolutions. I over-think things, I aim above and beyond what I’m capable of, I watch people feel like failures because they haven’t achieved what they set out to do. Don’t get me wrong, I’m one of the most goal oriented people I know. But I’d rather do it in smaller more manageable chunks throughout the year.


I do have few goals.

*  Run first marathon.  Thinking CIM in Sacramento is my best bet for this.  Great course.  I did it on a relay team a couple years ago.  Plus, cheap and easy to get to and in December so my final training will be after the summer.  I keep myself 1/2 marathon ready throughout the year so I’ll up the ante.  I’ve trained for two marathons previously but didn’t actually make it to the event so I’d like to GET there.

*  My big splurge for the year is the women’s reTREAT in Washington August 3-5.  I’m signed up for it, emailed all my info….  SO excited!!  Didn’t think I’d get a slot in it but I just found out I did!!  I pretty much peed!!!


*  I’m always ready for a half marathon.  I maintain my long run at 12 miles every week so all I need now are some races.  I printed a couple lists:  Another Mother Runner duo’s races planned for the year as well as women’s races and local races.  I wish I could do everything within 100 miles of me (actually not physically possible) but time, family and finances won’t allow so I’ll do what I can. I have about a dozen on my list and if I get half of them I figure I’m doing pretty well.

*  I bought a runners journal.  It’s pretty awesome.  I have a blank journal that I jot ideas and info in so I thought this would be repetitious.  I think I’ll probably end up just using the new one.  This one was reviewed very highly.  I thought it would be one more time suck but it’s been fun.  Olivia, my 15 year old got all excited about it, went through it with me and started asking me the questions and writing the answers.  Hopefully we’ll keep that trend going.  I like being organized so this is a nice way to have all my thoughts, goals, dreams, etc…  in one spot.  It’s been kind of nice being prompted – I don’t have to think as much.


*  Because I have the journal, all my smaller goals are written down.  Like things I want to do for myself (bubble baths, skin care, running shoes, etc…)  Running goals, family goals, etc…  Also a general time frame and steps I need to take.

*  Mom’s On The Run on Mother’s Day is a race I’ve done in the past.  This year the plan is to get all the kids signed up for the 5K except my son Taylor, daughter Brianna, my husband and me who will do the 10K.  Can’t wait to celebrate Mother’s Day with my family doing a race!!!

*  I really want to go visit my sister in Arizona this April.  We went last year and it would be great to make it an annual event.  She’s pretty much all the family I have and our kids love, love each other.  $$$ is an issue on this one – we go on the kids Spring Break.

Arizona - most of our kids. Seriously!!

*  I want to continue increasing my blog followers and who I follow.  I get so much inspiration, motivation, encouragement, etc…  from following my blog friends.  I hope to do the same for anyone following me.  It keeps me on track and accountable doing my blog and I’ve “met” so many strong, capable, optimistic women.  I want to be better every day because of them.  Someday, I’d like to meet them in person too!!

*  I’m planning on starting a running group at my Hair Shop.  We have a lot of fellow runners and it would be fun to have a place to meet and run together.  It’s in the infant stages right now….  Ideas, ideas, ideas….

*  My husband is a stud.  True story.  It’s hard to be in a relationship.  Really hard.  I think I should be a princess, be worshiped and adored, romanced and loved….  Of course I think Chris should get the same treatment (in a manly way of course).  Time, money, kids, work, obligations just really cramp my style.  We’ve had ups and downs and stuck through it all.  I’d like to work on the romance this year.  I want to fall in love all over again…..

No matter what, with goals or resolutions or whatever works for each of us, I’m a runner.  It’s part of what makes me who I am.    No matter what goals I reach and which one’s fall short, I’m better off than the person sitting on the couch eating an entire bag of chips, complaining about life. I’m up and running.

WOW!!! Glad I'm not this guy!!