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Why I Pierced My Nipples

Life with mostly teenagers has changed me a lot and all for the better. I have very candid conversations with my kids who now have the wisdom a little age and perspective starts to bring. I’m thankful that I raised them to question everything – including my decisions.  Continue reading

I Love People, But They Suck

9 of 11 Most Amazing Kids!!

9 of 11 Most Amazing Kids!!

Having a large family gets some interesting comments.  When one of my older children – Brianna – was little she heard someone say something rude to me about our family in the checkout  line of a store and she cried.  I was always polite, smiling, non-confrontational.  Someone said something awful??  I just blew if off.  Until that day. Continue reading

Lose Weight Running

Race! WOOT!!

We all run for different reasons. I ask everyone I run with what motivates them to run. It’s been my experience that most people run because they love to eat and drink and running balances out calories. I train because I love to sign up for races.  That’s my drive.  The pre-race packet pick up, the morning of, the outfit, the post-race party and yes, even the port a potty line.  There are so many reasons, though.   A couple of days ago one of my favorite blogs asked the question and I was so happy they did because I relate with so many of them:  Running is my…..  Here’s a recap of the answers:

RUNNING IS MY:  Time.  Magical way of silencing self-doubt.  Retreat.  Motivation to bake.  Way to find out how strong I really am.  Getaway.  Adventure.  Way of finding myself.  Freedom.  Refuge.  Escape.  Sanctuary.  Empowerment.  Drug.  Way to feel strong, beautiful and capable.  Therapy.  Weapon against weight and stress.  Way to a beautiful heart.  Sanity.  Work in progress.  Prozac.  Confidence booster.  Lifestyle.  Salvation.  Inspiration.  Vice and virtue.  Happy hour.  Way of finding balance.  Way to deal with demons.  Joy.  Conscience.  Companion.  Life’s battery recharger.  Solace.  Release.  Passion.  Gift I give myself to build a better me.  Nourishment.  Anti-depressant.  Lifeline.  Choice.  Peace.  Relief.  Mental enema.  Fuel for my soul.  Decompression.  Indulgence.  Best friend.  Sport.  Reward.  Piece of mind.  Greatest challenge.  Vice.  Happy place.  Reset button.  Bliss.  Rescue.  Crush.  Mood booster.  Time out.

See the entire blog here:  http://anothermotherrunner.com/2011/12/13/best-running-friends-giveaway-day-3/#comments

In Feb 2004 I had a hysterectomy. My weight had gone up and down with pregnancies but the hysterectomy by far took the most out of me. I lost twins at 19 weeks pregnant. It was pregnancy #7 and my body was just done. The hysterectomy went off without a hitch until about 2 hours later when I told a nurse I didn’t feel well. She called for the doctor and they rushed me into surgery again. 2 1/2 hours later the 2 surgeons finally stopped all the internal bleeding. I had 5 blood transfusions and was pretty much dead on the table. Should have been. My husband planned my funeral because he knew too much time had gone by. My surgeon told me it was a miracle I was alive and he simply didn’t know how. I told him God wasn’t ready for me and no one wanted my job. At that time I was a stay at home mom to ten children.   Who would have filled THOSE shoes??!!

A couple days post hysterectomy. Samuel was just over a year old here. Chris says it looks like I have no soul. Maybe it took a hiatus??  I felt like I had no soul.

We tried to minimize how close I was to being gone to the kids but kids are funny.  They have a sixth sense.  And their Mommy was more than a little off.  My daughter Brianna wrote me this note:

MOM:  You are special to me because I don’t want you to go Mom.  If you go I will cry and cry.  Mom I want you to stay with me.

I was thrashed.  Done.  Emotionally, physically just shot.  My kids were worth every second of it but this was a tough road for me.  I had never gained more than 35 pounds for any of the kids or here post surgery.  I’d always lost the baby weight in between the kids.  I’ve always exercised.  After this, though I wanted my body all the way back.  For those of you who have had children and been done you know what I mean.  New belts, tucked in shirts, sexy bra’s and matching panties, heels, donating all the maternity and “fat” clothes…..  And so my journey began.  I was fortunate that not only did my weight never get very high and I was always active but I also ate healthy, took vitamins, drank water and have a holistic view on medicine and health.  Running was a way for me to get some time for myself, decompress, take a breath and work on my mind as well as my body.  It was – and still is – a combination of a lot the reasons listed above.

A recommendation for women wanting to lose weight and sculpt their bodies:  Have realistic goals.  This isn’t derogatory like it probably sounds.  When I was ready to get serious I searched the internet for women shaped like me.  I’m 5’9″ tall and curvy.  Very curvy.  So it would have been ridiculous for me to pull up photo’s of someone 5’2″ and built like a boy or 6′ tall.  Not realistic.  Find role models with your build.  Look at how their bodies are put together and as you lose weight update the pictures.  Your body may change differently than you anticipated.  My dimensions are 5’9″ tall, 128 pounds, 34C, 26″ waist and 36″ hips.  I have a 34″ inseam and I can pretty easily build muscle in my back and shoulders but my ass and thighs will never be tight enough to bounce a quarter off of.   There is no “best” body type.  No perfect.  Models are airbrushed.  Relax and concentrate on what your individual strengths are.

It pains me to hear women put themselves down.  Look at who you are, every fantastic quality and embrace it.  Make you the best you can be!

“After” photo shoot!

And run like a mother!!