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When The Threat Is Over

We wondered in the threat of this fire looming over us, if all that we drive away from we can live without, should we downsize more? Sure, the couch, table and desk are nice commodities that I don’t want to live without. A comfy bed, comforters and pillows make life (and sleep) happen more easily. When I went to work and D stayed with the kids, I had to dig clothes out of my car. We all did. Before I left for work, I had to make sure everyone had what they needed for the 10 hours I was gone. But it wasn’t what we had packed that made the biggest impact. It was what remained. Continue reading

Our Smaller Home

We downsized. A lot.  I asked Chris to be the barometer on how much we donated or sold since he’s more realistic – it felt like 80% to me, but I knew we hadn’t gotten rid of that much.  He said 65% which I think is pretty accurate.  There were certainly moments of euphoric freedom and moments of tremendous loss which averaged out to feeling more relaxed, less stressed and fairly satisfied with where we’re at. Continue reading

Less Stress, More Balance

There are so many ways to attack this topic and no one “right” way.  To reduce stress and achieve more balance, I recommend some kind of journal.  Pictures on your phone, a list, a phone “note”, but something to document your journey.  Date the journal entries to see your progress.  It’s difficult to really see your progress without documenting it.  I took pictures and they show progress perfectly.  Here are some ideas on getting started: Continue reading

Random Thoughts About Life

It’s June 2015. We’ve been minimizing for about 4 months now and we’re getting ready to move in less than 2 weeks. It’s still amazing to me, in this minimalism journey, how huge an impact minimizing media is. Enormous. Continue reading

Kids and Questions

When people hear that we have 13 kids and 10 at home, I get asked one question the most. “How big is your house?” or “Your house must be huge!”.  With the exception of one larger house, I’ve never had a “big” house. Continue reading

Minimalism – Outside Looking In

A few months ago, a good friend came to my home. I pride myself on being organized and having a clean house. The first thing she said is, “Geez, you have so much stuff. It’s overwhelming”. I never felt like there was too much and looking around I honestly wondered what she meant. Over time, the house started nagging at me though.  I dreaded walking in the door, knowing how much clutter and cleaning was waiting for me.  I became overwhelmed by it.  When I elicited Chris’ help, he told me he too was overwhelmed and never knew where to start.  All I understood was consumerism and organization and I knew it was no longer working for me. Continue reading