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Our Tiny House Vacation!

We could hardly believe we did it! D and I actually took 3 nights and (roughly) 4 days of vacation – ALONE!!! It’s up there on our bucket list of things to do since it’s been so long that we’ve taken so long away from kids. 20+ years long. We’ve been gone one at a time. We’ve been gone for 24-ish hours, but this??? This was bliss. And what did we do on our time off? We stayed in Auburn, CA two hours away in a TINY HOUSE ON WHEELS!! Continue reading

Konmari, Minimalism, And Shopping

It’s a concoction of amazing, believe it or not. First, I started my own journey with minimalism. It was a long, painstaking, arduous process of emotion and exhaustion mixed with moments of being overwhelmed. All due to the sheer volume of my downsize, having so many kids involved and years and years of accumulated “sentiment”. Continue reading


Having a phone or computer in front of you lets your family and friends know that they’re important – until something more important comes up.  I feel this in my life when I’m on call for work.  I go about my life, but when my phone goes off, that call takes precedence.  I don’t want my family and friends to feel that way at any other time.  I’ve been very conscious of my phone and internet time for a few months now. Continue reading

Minimalism Issues


Being less stressed.  I can’t explain how exactly, but I’m telling you, less stuff is less stressful.  Less to clean, less to maintain.  Less of everything.  You’ll walk into rooms and feel good. Continue reading