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Setting goals

I’ve been realizing more and more lately that regardless of the goal you’re trying to set – finances, losing weight, running faster, building a business, going on a vacation – the steps are the same. Being a goal oriented, list making type of person, this was actually reassuring. When there is a desired result, the same steps apply. Even if I’m getting my hair done…… Continue reading

Minimalization Isn’t Deprivation

Minimalization. Is that even a word???? I looked it up and it popped up with a definition “the act of pursuing minimalism”. If Google says it’s right, I won’t argue…. Minimalism has made a huge, positive, amazing difference in our lives. We’ve been at it for over a year now and my only regret is that we didn’t figure it out sooner. The upkeep is actually easier than my life of “organizing” prior, but it does take upkeep. Having less but keeping the things that bring you joy and have purpose allows for more time to do the things you love. The days of clutter and Rubbermaid containers is over. Our lives are more clean, more open, less stressful and feel more free.  Continue reading

Inspiration In A DNF

DNF.  Those horrid little letters that mean SO much to a runner.  Did Not Finish.  It’s one thing us runners try desperately to avoid.  The finish, after all, is where we want to be.  Why, though, can’t we embrace the DNF?  Why does it have to be such a bad thing? Continue reading

Running and Minimalism

How, you may ask, does minimalism correlate with running.  Minimalism is difficult for me to articulate sometimes, I feel inadequate trying to quantify the results.  Minimizing your life isn’t just about getting rid of crap and having less clutter.  It spills over into every aspect of your life.  Minimizing puts your priorities into perspective.  It takes away the things that are unimportant and leaves behind what is important. Continue reading

A Few Of My Favorite Running Things

I’ve done gear reviews for almost a decade – even though the blog is only going on 4 years old. When we minimized and moved, I really had to evaluate the stuff I had accumulated – often because I was doing a review.  I pared running gear down to only what I really used on a very regular basis.   Continue reading

Minimalism Wardrobe

I follow a few minimalism blogs that have helped me carve out what minimizing has meant to me personally, as well as how it will work with my family.  Courtney Carver’s Be More With Less is one of my favorites.  Courtney has some great micro-courses (two that I have taken so far) and is one of the experts on minimizing your wardrobe with her Project 333.  I’m not at Courtney’s level with my wardrobe yet and I’m not certain I will be (never say never, though!) but she’s helped me tremendously.  Amy Clark of Mom Advice is another great blog.  She uses Courtney’s Project 333 with some tweaks and a lot of color.  I enjoyed reading her capsule wardrobe since I tend to dress with a bit more color and sass. Continue reading


Having a phone or computer in front of you lets your family and friends know that they’re important – until something more important comes up.  I feel this in my life when I’m on call for work.  I go about my life, but when my phone goes off, that call takes precedence.  I don’t want my family and friends to feel that way at any other time.  I’ve been very conscious of my phone and internet time for a few months now. Continue reading

7 Reasons Group Running Before Sunrise Is Worth It

Many people question my sanity when I tell them I’m up at 4:30 to leave my house at 5:10 to go running.  What in the world would possess anyone to want to do that?  Here are 7 reasons that running early with a group is the most sane decision ever. Continue reading

Finding Balance with Sleep

I write about balance quite a bit.  It’s not because I’m some expert on how to balance my life.  Being asked to write on the subject has helped me become better, though and writing helps me to process how to continue that trend. Continue reading

The Best Outfit – Confidence


I’m taking a moment to make something clear.  I’m personally not attracted to women.  Now I’ll take another moment to make something else clear.  One of the sexiest things I’ve ever .seen is a strong, confident, self-assured woman with positive self-esteem walking into a room.   Continue reading