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Why I Pierced My Nipples

Life with mostly teenagers has changed me a lot and all for the better. I have very candid conversations with my kids who now have the wisdom a little age and perspective starts to bring. I’m thankful that I raised them to question everything – including my decisions.  Continue reading

To My Kids – What I’ve Learned In Life

I like to “date” my kids. In a family with so many, it’s nice to have one on one time with them. You know – to get to know them a little better. Because they’re pretty damn cool people and I played a small part in that. Gabi was next and she decided to run errands with me and go to lunch at a place she chose and I’ve wanted to go.

Lunch date with Gabi

I asked Gabi (who is a Senior in high school this fall) what her thoughts on college and life after high school were. She’s a shy, sweet, funny as hell, set in her ways kind of young lady which I respect. Continue reading

When Kids Grow Up

Here’s a fun fact. D and I had 12 out of 13 kids living at home 2.5 years ago. I was changing the chore wheel this morning which I do every Monday. I fill in and do any chores of kids who aren’t here and I realized I’m doing far more than the kids are doing. We’ve had a couple kids graduate high school, a couple move out and that seeming trickle of kids leaving is quickly resembling white water rapids. I looked at the names of our kids – 10 on the wheel – and realized by February-ish of next year – just six months away – we’ll be down to 4 kids and one part time.  Continue reading

Whining Is Not Attractive

We don’t get sick often. When we DO get sick it’s rarely as bad as other people describe and doesn’t last long. I attribute this rare phenomenon on eating healthy and being very, very active predominantly outside. Even in the cold, the rain, the wind (although that’s our least favorite), the heat, etc…  We air out the house regularly, use a wood stove (does that make any difference at all??) and – despite the kids and I “occasionally” complaining – keep the temperature in the house lower than most.  Despite our best efforts, about once a year some of us get sick.  We get………..  A cold.

This is what the living room has looked like the last two weeks

This is what the living room has looked like the last two weeks

Chris was first and, I’m not sure what other men are like, but I really dislike it when he gets sick.  I think between his work schedule -which he maintained somehow at 60 hours a week – and being sick, I didn’t see him much for over ten days.  He wasn’t fun.  Then Taylor, Bri, Olivia, Alana, Ashlea, Gabi and Kezia all got the cold – some only for a day, some for up to 3 days.  It wasn’t awful, but nagging enough to wipe you out and make you want to whine.  I’ve had kids draped on me for over a week now and finally, despite my valiant efforts, I succumbed to it myself.

It makes me irritated. And whiny.  Or I want to be a whiny little witch but I have a husband, kids, clients, dogs…..  that probably wouldn’t enjoy it.  They can all suck it – just kidding… Not really though. It only lasted 3 days and as astounding as it may sound, the dogs and kids still wanted to eat, the cleaning still needed to get done, people still want their hair done.  And I still have a desire to run. Kind of.  I know how much better I’ll feel if I just GO.

Dressed and ready to go and this is how I genuinely feel about it.....

Dressed and ready to go and this is how I genuinely feel about it…..  I know how impressive it is that everyone sees me at my best….

It was SUPPOSED to be warmer, sunny and lovely out all weekend and we all had the desire to get outside and go to the park but it ended up being overcast, windy and raining.  So lucky kids, we went through the sunroom and the buckets of shoes…. Then I did the 4 miler by my house.  Sometimes just getting OUT – even when you don’t feel well – maybe especially when you don’t feel well – is just what the doctor ordered.  I felt better.  Crappy, stuffy and tired but better.  Averaged 8:49 minute miles.  So there.

How I feel after a run!

How I feel after a run!

Our Snowy Day Adventure

I’ve always called everything an adventure. My kids believe nothing is gross – it’s very scientific and going places isn’t a chore – it’s an adventure. Today I was dressed for work and ready to go but the roads were so bad Chris called and told me not to venture out. What to do, what to do…. An Adventure in the Snow of course!!!! With only one sled, 3 of the dogs and 6 of the kids, we bundled up and went out into the mountains behind my house for an adventure!!!  We had a great time hiking, sledding, sliding, falling, laughing, getting snowy and wet, having snowball fights, getting pink cheeked and exhausted.

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Hump Day Hills, Wind and How Kids Mess Up Plans

65* today, overcast with winds from 11-25 mph. What the heck, the wind isn’t stopping so why should I?? 4 mile hill run by my house like every Wed. Averaged 8:20 minute miles which is okie dokie with me.  My son, Taylor ran with me as per usual.  He rocks as per usual.

My plan for today was, wear super cute running clothes – 2 things I have been saving to try so I can decide how much I like them – go to marketing meeting with a friend to help me with my new job, meet Chris at the bike path, do 5 mile run, run errands and pick up kids STILL looking cute in outfit.  That’s not how it went down….

Got super cute running outfit on and brought kids to school.  Got the Nike tennis dress on Ebay for $30 (1/3 price) during the winter so it’s been tapping it’s fingers waiting for warm weather.  Nike black running jacket I’ve had for years, J. Jill wedge sandals are a bazillion years old but I heart them.  Cute and comfy.  Favorite Alaska coffee mug I got when I visited AK last summer.  I lived there for a decade.

Insert super cute outfit here:

Under super cute outfit are my Skirt Sport shorts.  They were rated VERY highly but I had my doubts.  I got them this winter also and crossed my fingers.  I prefer a 3″ inseam and these are 5″ but I’m so tall they’re fine length wise under my running dresses.  2 side pockets for Gu, key, etc… Low rise.

These were AWESOME!!!

The face I was planning on making if the wind blew my dress up over my head like I expected. Don’t ever make this face. Seriously

I did my meeting and it was fabulous.  I don’t have new clients but I have direction. As I was pulling out of the parking lot to call and meet Chris I got a call to pick up one of the kids from school.  Chris couldn’t wait for me so he did the run alone, I went to the school.  Since I missed out on that I decided I’d do the shopping, run errands, pick up the kids and THEN run.  Good news.  I was in the shorts and dress for 7 hours before running.  They were both great!!!

The shorts are everything they were rated.  They don’t move, are comfortable, not compression but are fitted.   They’re worth every penny.  I’m thinking I should get all my clubbing clothes out of moth balls and wear these babies under everything.  Oh, wait.  I don’t have clubbing clothes….  Huh.  The dress was also great.  Comfy, cute, didn’t flip up, not heavy.  Loved it!! Here’s to fashion meets function!!

Post running and 8 hours of wearing this…. I’m a beast…

Hump Day Hills and Thankful Thursday

A 2-fer!! Pretty much I’m still running every chance I get that there’s a break in the weather. Tuesday was the last time. It sucks to have 40+ MPH winds but hey, what are ya’ gonna’ do?? Still looking for that treadmill….

Nothing like being a strong, capable, honest, compassionate woman who laughs a lot.  Mostly at myself.  Let them tell me I can’t….  Watch me!!  I’m thankful for attitude!!

I had an epiphany today.  I’ve gotten questions about what my “vice” is.  I still don’t know that I have one.  I like my house clean, I take good care of things, I own over 130 pairs of shoes and wear every single pair, I like to cook, I love watching my kids grow up.  But when I think of a vice I think of something you do that makes you feel better.  Some people drink, some escape into a clouded world of drugged euphoria, some smoke, some eat to feel happy.

The kids and I went shopping at Target yesterday.  (Pronounced Tar-jay also known as the Bulls-eye Boutique).  I noticed that my kids pattern me.  I “feel” clothes.  When I walk through racks of clothing and I see things I like I touch them.  That’s a deal breaker for me.  If they don’t feel delicious, I won’t buy them.  All my kids do the same thing.  “Oooh, Mom, look at this one.  Feel it!”.  It’s awesome.  Olivia had babysitting money and we found a shirt in the running department.  Long sleeved, hood, relaxed fit, long body, 3 colors.  It felt divine.  She begged and pleaded asked to borrow the $5 she was short and got two – gray and blue.  I was tapped out with all the freaking birthdays so I’ll have to go back.  She said it was a good purchase because she can wear them running when it’s just a little chilly AND wear them for everyday.  Another 2-fer!!!

Today I finally got dressed after cleaning and cooking.  I sat in front of my closet and felt my shirts until I felt the one I wanted.  That’s when it hit me.  My vice.  Last night I wore my silk Ann Taylor tank top in eggplant to bed and most of today.  I love clothes that feel good.  I feel better when I’m in them.  Soft, yummy, delicious clothes are my vice.

Olivia in her new blue, soft shirt and me in my T-shirt. Both feel equally yummy-licious!!

Hump Day Hills

I know it’s Thursday.I’m late in writing this.   In our house Wednesday is the busiest day. I run immediately after picking the kids up from school or it would never get done. I did my 4 mile hill run but I was alone. My son Taylor went with me, but he was taking it slow, my BRF couldn’t make it and my husband was driving in from out of town. That meant I got to set my own pace and get in my groove. I averaged 8:21 minute miles! Yay me!!! My kids decided the reason…

Tuesday when I left the house at 6:45am for my run it was 23*.  Wednesday afternoon it was 60*!!!  Welcome to Reno, NV!!  I was so excited to get out for a run in that temperature I could hardly contain myself!!!  It’s amazing how strongly the weather can affect us.  For my birthday in December, one of my gifts was a running dress.  OK, it’s in the “tennis” department, but works the same.  My kids ask me regularly when I’ll wear it (I actually have 3 of them) and of course with winter temps the only option is to let it take up space in my drawer.  But not this day!!!  The kids and I were so excited.  LOVE me some new running gear!!  So the reason I had such great time is the dress.  Of course. And now that you’ve seen it, you’ll probably agree.

I love the dress.  All in one, lightweight, like having a tank and skirt in one.  Just throw on some running undies and you’re good to go!!

The Quad stretch pre run

Me past the half way mark running an 8 minute mile past my house. Thank you Ashlea for taking such great pictures!!


Uh yes...

Some days are just tough. Some people are just jerks. Some things just don’t make sense. Sometimes you just want to retaliate….

I think of Sherry Arnold being kidnapped and presumed dead with no body and two men in custody. This week a friend of our family put her baby to bed and the next morning he didn’t wake up. These are two of my biggest fears. It makes me rage inside. I want answers, I want it to make sense. I want things to work out with a happy ending.  I want to believe there is good in everyone.

When it doesn’t work out that way, this is how I feel inside….

Yes, sweet on the outside, but sometimes....

Just a vent this time.  I know it’s not really running related except that with Sherry’s disappearance and death now I feel the sanctity of running has been violated and I’m more vigilant than ever at watching my surroundings when I’m running.