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What an Attitude!!

I saw a dear friend yesterday that I don’t see often.  Afterwards he sent me a text saying, “I forget how open and bubbly you are to everyone you meet!  It was nice to see you.”  What a compliment!!

For the most part I really enjoy people.  I thrive off being in a group, feel recharged when I’m surrounded by others.  There are so many interesting people – everyone has a story and I want to hear them!

The running community is wonderful for this.  With a group of runners you can be in your own world or social.  It’s possible to have conversations with newbies who are trying to make changes and want as much information as they can soak up or seasoned veterans who have been everywhere and done everything.  It’s a group of healthy minded individuals who “get” why you’re there running in inclement weather because you need it.  No matter what, it’s always positive energy and I could bask in it everyday.

I’m glad it’s contagious – apparently I caught that energy from another runner and yesterday on my running adventure I passed it on to my friend.  Who knows??  Maybe runners will start an epidemic??!!