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Setting goals

I’ve been realizing more and more lately that regardless of the goal you’re trying to set – finances, losing weight, running faster, building a business, going on a vacation – the steps are the same. Being a goal oriented, list making type of person, this was actually reassuring. When there is a desired result, the same steps apply. Even if I’m getting my hair done…… Continue reading

Workin’ It At The Track!!!

Track practice is the hardest thing for me. I don’t know why but holy cow I struggle every time with it. Coach takes pictures with his cool, new phone and I pilfer them. You can see how much I want to just curl up and die…  These workouts make me feel stronger, more capable, like a running badass pretty much.  Even though I don’t feel fast all the time, I’m still gettin’ it done.  Without a team supporting me and a coach telling us what we need to do I would never work this hard.  When I spent years running on my own, I felt like I was doing a good job (and I was) but nothing like what I’m doing now.  Running with people – even if you’re all at different speeds – isn’t better just for the accountability.  It’s such a positive, healthy, fun environment. 

I know Sam will pass down words of wisdom in his dry way, Jason will surprise me, Olivia will tolerate all my hugs and be even more positive than I am passing down words of wisdom and pointing out everything that I’m doing well, Brynda will be her straightforward, badass self, Dianna will be quiet and persevere impressing us all, Abby and Sarah will make me feel absolute awe, Lupe will look effortless every single time he laps me, Manny will push hard, I’ll catch up with Melissa and see where she’s at and we encourage each other, Theresa will quietly get her workout done with aplomb as will her husband Caesar, Pete will encourage me and allow me to say what I’m discouraged about, Coach will yell words of encouragement and make me laugh while taking horrible pictures…..  I could go on and on about how this group that is a seemingly odd combination of backgrounds, careers and personalities work so seamlessly together.  That running, biking, swimming, staying healthy and pushing our limits is the common denominator in our relationships with each other.  As odd a combination as we may seem, we work together in perfect harmony.  Hard???  Absolutely.  Worth it??  Most definitely!!

Nice bloating.  Very sexy

Nice bloating. Very sexy

Coach asked me to smile.  I was on one of my final laps.  So that at least made me happy!!

Coach asked me to smile. I was on one of my final laps. So that at least made me happy!!


Are You Crazy??!!

I love my coach. Seriously. He’s one of the best people. I trust him implicitly. I already feel my body changing and I feel stronger. I can’t imagine what I’ll feel like in a year if this is how I feel after 2 months. When the team meets to train, he tells us what he wants us to do. I know if he thinks I can do it, I can do it. If he believes in me, there’s no reason I should doubt it.

Last nights team training was no different – I was happy to see everyone, glad to be training, looking forward (sort of) to the torture evening.  Thursday night was hill repeats.  Pshaw!! I’ve done those.  No big deal.   No problem.  1 mile warm up and cool down.  Piece of cake.  Uh, coach??  That’s not a hill that’s a vertical torture chamber!!

Oh, the joys of training!!  I know a few things.  He believes in me.  I believe in me.  I would never push myself this hard if I were still doing things on my own.  Never.  I can finish everything he tells me to do.  I may not finish as fast as hard or as strong as I’d like, but I’ll finish.  I’m getting stronger and a little faster.  Hills aren’t AS dreadful as they used to be.  Hills still suck if I have to go up them.  I still love going down them.  I feel euphoric at the end of training no matter how hard it was or how much I struggled.  Last night was hard.  Super hard.  I struggled.  I did not throw up like I thought I was going to.  I finished – not as strongly as I would have liked, but I finished just the same.  I thought back to the hill repeats I’ve done on my own.  I thought I was doing hill training on my runs and hill repeats that were more than adequate.  I thought wrong.  Thankfully, now my coach thinks for me in that department and all my teammates can moan and groan right along with me.  It’s nice to not be alone.

My smile is totally fake. I was starving and exhausted


It’s been a new experience being on a team and having a coach but I’m loving it!!  I run 4 times a week these days, but nearly every workout is different.  Tuesday was my usual 12 miler however I ran 4 miles in the morning and 8 miles in the evening.  I’ve done a lot of trail running – which I used to do but stopped because I was always alone – and I’m really glad to get back to that.  I thought I did hills before but after doing hills with the team I realize what a wimp I was.  Thursday night there’s a different dynamic then Tuesday night even though the people are the same.  I jumped in one time on a Wednesday night and did a track workout which I haven’t done since Middle School.  I like that it’s planned out for me so I can go through the emotions:  Shock and disbelief (we’re doing WHAT??!!  Are you crazy??!!).  Acceptance (OK,if coach says I can do this, then I can do this).  Determination (Not only can I do this, I’m making this workout my bitch!).  Euphoria (I DID IT!! Thank God it’s over!!).

The team becomes like a cross between family and campers.  You start to love them like family (that you got to choose) but because your time together is so intense it’s like meeting someone at camp – by the end of a week it feels like you’ve known them forever.  The discussions are always interesting, always candid (Me:  “Hey coach, can’t we just decide that we can complement each other without it being weird??  As in you’re hot but I’m not hot for you??  Like I feel about my high school daughters male friends?  They may be hot but gross….  I’m not hot for them.”  “Yes”, he said.  “We can do that.”  “Awesome.  Sam I like your shorter shorts.  Your legs are fantastic!!”) We’ve swapped poop stories – it’s a toss up between Jason and Amber.  Both equally horrid.   We talk kids, family, home life, nutrition, heart rate, etc…  There’s always someone there for you, you’re always there for them.  You know you won’t be alone, you don’t have to figure out what to do, you have help tracking your progress, there’s accountability.  You laugh, you cry, you push yourself.  In other words.  It’s awesome!!

Me (left) with one of my favorite people and my teammate at my one Wed night track workout!!