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The Running Panty Debate

It’s a political climate everywhere you turn these days and everyone has an opinion so I’m sticking to debates that hold a lot of weight.  Running panties.  I’m going to just put it out there and you can choose to disagree if you’d like. We can get into a very heated political-like debate about it if you want.  That’d be fun.  Bring on the podium….

When I wear tights or capris I go commando.  First of all I think panty lines are tacky in any situation.  Period.  Don’t do it.  Plus in running the fewer layers or seams you have, the better.  So why put them on.  Second most of my shorts and all of my skirts have built in panties so it’s not an issue. My favorite running shorts in the entire world are Oiselle Roga Shorts.  They are just above and beyond comfortable and awesome.  My favorite running skirt is by Running Skirts.  I’ve had the one in the picture for about 6 years and wear it for most half marathons because I know it’s perfect.

Oiselle’s Roga Short.  I want one in every color….

Me at the finish line in my Running Skirts skirt

HOWEVER…..  I do have a handful of shorts and running dresses (or tennis dresses but same thing) that do not have built in panties and I’ve also had a pair of shorts that were in great shape but the panty was shot so I cut them out of the shorts.  What to do, what to do…..  Rate running panties!!!  SWEET!  Live vicariously.

This is the thing.  If they ride up my butt I might as well wear a thong.  That drives me nuts.  They need to feel good, look great under my shorts (as in you can’t see panty lines) and not move.  At all.

I tried Warner first.  Low cost, comfy, look good but ride up just enough to be annoying and then you have a lovely panty line and a wad of panty up your butt.  Yuck.  Unless you like that sort of thing.

Warners bikini

Victoria’s Secret running boy-shorts are super thin and lightweight, really comfy and don’t move much.  I was actually surprised.  They aren’t perfect in the movement category and I think they’re a bit pricey but if I got them on super sale again I probably would.

Victorias Secret workout boyshort

I’ve also tried the Athleta boyshort.  I saved for these and was so excited, but they’re kind of thick and have just enough movement that I don’t love them.  I’d try a different kind from the company to see if I like another style more because they’re ratings are so high from other people.  It might be my butt??

Athleta’s tempo seamless hipster

And finally I’ve tried two of Under Armour’s panties.  The bikini and the thong.  The thong is fine because it’s already up my butt.  Perfect!!  I like thongs in general but with running I worry about chafing.  It wasn’t a problem with these.  They have great coverage in the front and underneath.  No panty line either!!

Under Armour thong

The Under Armour bikini is my favorite bikini so far.  Hardly moved, very breathable and comfy.  I wore it tonight for 7 miles of hills, speed work, etc… and they didn’t bother me.  I’d get them again.

Under Armour bikini

I’d love input on this topic.  It’s hard for us girls to find products we absolutely adore that work really well.  We need to stick together!