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There Is An “I” In Team

Recently on an unusually warm day, I pulled out a running vest. There was a logo embroidered on it with the name of the running team I was on a few years ago. I ran to meet my new team – all women – and thought about how much I love running with them and how much I’ve learned from them about my business life.  Continue reading

Fathers Day In Mammoth Lakes

I spent Fathers Day in Mammoth Lakes, California. Alone. Not alone exactly. With my friend Peggy who planned this with me six months ago and another woman named Jennifer who I’d met once. There are race stats here, but the best things about the race were the things I learned and the way I felt inside. Continue reading

Reno Tahoe Odyssey 2016

The Reno Tahoe Odyssey is in the books. The race I wasn’t sure I’d ever do again but I’m so glad I did. 178 miles, 2 vans, 12 people – all of us women from our 5:20 am running group. The majority of the women I knew, the ones I didn’t know well I knew very well by the end. It took us just over 30 hours to complete and we had a total of 2 hours of sleep on one of our breaks. People who have never run a relay think you’re crazy and don’t get it but those of us who have taken the leap know all too well how amazing they are. Continue reading

Life On The Trail

I used to run on trails a lot. My favorite races are trail races and I’ve missed it. I stopped because the team I was on didn’t run trails and because I knew if I had any kind of emergency, I may not have cell service. So running alone on trails became a thing of the past. I’ve done three trail races in the last six months and LOVED them. I’m smart enough to know it does take trail training to be better at trail races, though, so I’m once again attempting to live life on the trails. I have a great pair of trail shoes and space outside my door. Continue reading

Winter Running

It’s cold. Sure, not as cold as Alaska when I lived there, but still cold. It snows too. Not always as much as this year and not as much as other places, but we get it. This year quite a bit of it, relatively speaking. Ice. It’s everywhere. I’ve only gone running in temps as low as 13* this year. I’ve also bypassed running when the roads have been excessively crappy which seems like a lot. I used to run no matter what, but then I broke my foot. That taught me to be more of a fair weather runner – or at least less stupid about running. Winter running isn’t just about the clothing you wear – although that makes it manageable – it’s about being safe and following rules differently. Continue reading

Cold Weather Running

It’s cold here in Reno. But not always. Within a week I ran in weather that was in the 50’s, the 30’s, the 20’s and the teens – not in that order. There was wind up to 20 mph that I ran in and once it rained.  I opted out on the day it was raining and 30 mph winds, but otherwise, I’m game.  The problem I have is figuring out what to wear.  Not in a “geez, my shoes should really match my belt” sort of way, but in a how many layers this time?????  If weather is consistent, it’s easy but when it’s jumping around all the time I have layering ADD.   Continue reading

Weight Loss, Running and Supplements

I broke my foot a year ago, was in a boot, couldn’t run for over 6 months and put on 12 pounds.  Twelve might not be a big number, especially since I was at a good weight, but I didn’t want to keep it on.  I started running in March – and I use the word “running” loosely since it started as walking a mile on a treadmill.  In October I ran my first half marathon in 18 months and I’m consistently running about 20 miles a week over 3 different days.  I took seven months to build up to that.  Prior to the break I was running about 50 miles per week but I was definitely over training.  After 7 months of slowly easing back into running, I lost 5 pounds and just stayed there. Continue reading

How To Set Running Goals

First of all, be realistic when setting goals.  I generally have 3 goals for each race.  My PR – the time to beat, my middle of the road that I will probably achieve, and my absolutely don’t want to do worse than this.  Here’s the last 18 months for me and why we need to alter our goals: Continue reading

Dating, Running and Romance

Date night is a big deal in our home. So much so that when Chris and I didn’t make it out for a couple weeks, Alana (with Gabe’s help) made us a gift to remind us that we need to go. The kids know us having some alone time is important because we’ve taught them that it is.  Some weeks it can’t or doesn’t happen and we’re always striving to find some sort of balance between the demands of work, kids and us. Continue reading

Inspiration In A DNF

DNF.  Those horrid little letters that mean SO much to a runner.  Did Not Finish.  It’s one thing us runners try desperately to avoid.  The finish, after all, is where we want to be.  Why, though, can’t we embrace the DNF?  Why does it have to be such a bad thing? Continue reading