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Why I Pierced My Nipples

Life with mostly teenagers has changed me a lot and all for the better. I have very candid conversations with my kids who now have the wisdom a little age and perspective starts to bring. I’m thankful that I raised them to question everything – including my decisions.  Continue reading

Staying Connected without Unplugging

We have most assuredly entered a digital age. An era where we’ll be late to work, an appointment or a meeting if we forget our phone at home. An age where we worry that our kids won’t know how to actually speak to a human being and we might be losing touch with the real world. In our home, we have a “no phone zone” during dinner. I also put blocks on the phone internet use during the night and I get alerts on who the kids contact, how often and when. Still, it seems we are all being sucked into a virtual world. Getting rid of technology is an option – although not completely realistic in my opinion. Reducing tech time is certainly a good option – and one I already utilize. Shifting gears is also an option. Continue reading

Being A Barely Adequate Parent (Or How To Screw Up Your Kids Without Even Trying)

I am a parent. To a lot of kids. Crazy, insane, what were you thinking, are you an idiot amount of kids. 13 to be precise. Biological, step, adopted. You name it, I’ve got them. It’s the most dysfunctional, motley group of people who seemingly came from everywhere and formed a lopsided, lumpy group and called ourselves a family. Some people collect thimbles, I collected my family. Continue reading

Replacing Christmas

Last year at about this time, our kids approached us and asked if we could replace Christmas.  They asked for a family trip and no presents.  NO PRESENTS!!!!  When most of your kids are teenagers, and they’d rather spend time with you than money on them, you take stock.  Continue reading

Am I Enough

There are those days. Days as a Mom I wonder if I’m enough. Am I doing enough, spending enough time, teaching my kids what’s really important in life? They are important.  They are incredible.  I am blessed to be called Mommy.  I am proud of the people they are becoming.  They are the best decision I have ever made.   Continue reading

Chores Are So Much Work!!

I’ve used a chore wheel for years.  I wanted my kids to learn how to do everything chore related so when they moved out on their own, they’d know what to do.  How to cook, how to clean, how to fix things, how to live on their own without depending on someone to help them. Continue reading

As A Mom I’m A Jerk

As a Mom, I’m a jerk.  It’s true.  I do horrible things.   Continue reading

Kids and Questions

When people hear that we have 13 kids and 10 at home, I get asked one question the most. “How big is your house?” or “Your house must be huge!”.  With the exception of one larger house, I’ve never had a “big” house. Continue reading

Capsule Wardrobe

I may never get to the point where my clothing is “capsule” sized. I’m not certain what the prerequisites are to hit that point, however I can tell you that less IS more.  Overall it’s a journey to learn what minimal living looks like to me.  As for the house, it’s determining what minimal living is for a family of 15. Continue reading

Minimizing – Priorities

The first thing I minimized in my life was digital.  I started there because it seemed easy plus I was doubtful minimizing would make THAT much of a difference to someone who’s fairly OCD about organizing. Continue reading