What I’ve Learned About Branding

Branding, marketing, advertising, SEO, analytics, sales funnel, email lists, etc… Those words made me want to pull my hair out, run screaming out of the room and cry. Not a pretty picture. I can’t say I’ll ever understand SEO – or more specifically how to increase my numbers with search engine optimization and utilize the corresponding analytics – but I’ve become OK with that. I’ve also become OK understanding, but not utilizing to it’s best potential my email list and sales funnel. I wanted less graphs and more human-ness.

Advertising has come down to the most bang for my buck as far as paying to garner more exposure for my website. It’s an ongoing challenge, but I’ve streamlined it to a degree. There are so many people and companies to work with as well as Facebook ads, etc… I listened to dozens of people and pretty much found who I connected with the best. Mostly, I decided to become my own advertising which I’ll explain.

Branding was confusing to me until my coach told me branding is ME. I was trying hopelessly to separate myself the person from my online business. Once I realized I WAS the business, it became easier. I also decided to narrow the space between personal and business so they were more synonymous. It was actually easier and more natural to blend the parts of myself since to me there is no distinct line in the sand. My marketing has become just me being me and adding in my business. Or talking about my business by being myself. Embracing the blurred lines has made a huge difference in the number of people who “follow”, “like” and “share” so, in that regard, it’s working.

My website is my name which I did on purpose in the event life changes (which it’s known to do). It’s simple and easy and ME business style. Here’s how I broke things down in my head:

My website is ME and what I do. My logo is for my podcast but it depicts how I feel. My book is a representation of my skills and abilities – the #1 best business card I could have. My podcast is also a representation of my skills and abilities. Yes, I’m in the trenches with you and I understand. My business is coaching future authors and being a virtual assistant to podcasters so it’s important to me to BE my business and for it to represent me. I utilize my blog and vlog as snippets into my personal and business life. These are so much fun to do because they’re a little bit of a lot of me. And I’m always thrilled when I have an opportunity to public speak which is a combination of all things together.

I picked up my best friend, Diana one day several months ago before my podcast was “live”. I didn’t have a name, I had several “banked” interviews waiting for me to take the leap. Diana needed to go to a crossfit gym we weren’t familiar with so I put it in GPS. I followed the directions – or so I thought – when Siri told me she was “rerouting” me. I looked at Diana and said, “Jesus, that’s the story of my life! It seems like I’m always rerouting!”. We looked at each other and I knew immediately that was my podcast. jennsrerouting is also my email and the handle for Instagram and Twitter. It’s become part of everything I do because it IS everything I do. Branding. I got it.

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