Feeling Discouraged – The Funk

It happens to all of us, regardless that we may feel the opposite most of the time. THE FUNK. Not necessarily due to anything in particular, it hits with a fury. Symptoms include – but are not limited to – not wanting to do anything at all, staying in yoga pants full time, forgetting you own makeup and even possibly less frequent showering. Can also include dragging of feet, staring off into space, feeling a general discouragement, and being completely an un-fun person. THE FUNK doesn’t only affect you, but everyone you come in contact with and it’s very unattractive. 

So, what to do when said FUNK hits? Once you recognize you’re in THE FUNK and feeling discouraged, embrace it. Embrace it like your best friend from high school reunion. Eat the cookie (or 3), search YouTube and Pinterest for a few hours you’ll never get back, binge watch Netflix, keep your slippers on and sink down into THE FUNK embracing it like the fantasy lover you know you have. There is no shame in THE FUNK. No reason to berate yourself. Everyone needs a “mental day” now and then. I’ve let my kids stay home from school occasionally to have a mental day. So give yourself a break. Then, get a grip and pull your shit together! No one – including you – wants to spend any time with someone in THE FUNK. Normal, yes, necessary, sometimes but annoying as hell (hell is very annoying in case you were wondering).

Take the slippers off, take a shower and get out some paper. We’re making a list. I have three journals. One in my car, one on my nightstand and one that I carry with me in my purse. In times of FUNK, I like to review my journals. What goals, wants, etc… have I written down? What’s changed as far as debt, job status, or desires? Looking back in my journals is like seeing someones kids after a couple years. They’ve grown so much while I wasn’t looking. When we’re immersed in our lives every day, it’s more difficult to see the changes. Taking a look back gives me a chance to regroup but also a chance to realize how far I’ve come. That look allows me to make a new list. Goals, wants, desires, plans, what’s important to me based on where I’m at in that moment.

The regroup post FUNK is revitalizing. You can come away with a new sense of happiness, optimism and a strategy to get things done. Even without having a journal, making a list of what you’d like to accomplish and what’s important to you. Regrouping is one of the things that makes THE FUNK worthwhile. Put away the yoga pants and start getting things done.

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