New Beginnings – School Starts 2017

It’s that time again. School started August 7th. We have a shorter summer and more vacations – which I like – so for a lot of the country, we start early. As it seems with all things, we get excited for the change. School ending, school starting back up, seasons changing, etc….

Senior, Senior, Sophomore, Freshman

We’re already down to 5 kids at home. That’s HUGE from 12 three years ago and 10 a year and a half ago. With 12 kids born in 10 1/2 years, we were very aware it would feel like a mass exodus and we are now in the middle of it. Four kids are in high school with 2 graduating this year. Yes, that means in less than a year, we could have only 3 at home. Unbelievable.

2nd Grade!!

Then there’s the one at the end. The only child in an enormous family with a 7 year age gap, always trying to be older and fit in with the big kids. Her time will fly by so we try very hard to keep her at her age and not fast forward what she’s exposed to due to having older siblings and internet immersion. Still, that’s a tough balance.

Finding her classroom and getting set up

I was given advice over 25 years ago when I was pregnant that first time. Cherish it. It will be over in the blink of an eye so cherish every crazy, tough, nutty moment. And I have with gusto. And still, even while following some of the advice I would now pass on, it flies by in that blink. It seems literally like yesterday I was bringing Bri home from the hospital but on the timeline it’s been over 25 years. These kids of ours grow up and fly the coop quickly and, although I look forward to each stage, I do my best to also embrace where we are. We don’t have to be so excited for the changing seasons that we put our Uggs on in July.

Our walk through the playground

These moments of hanging on will be fleeting. Within the span of a few minutes, my hand was being clung to, the walk around the playground to see friends was complete and once her place in the classroom was found, I was no longer needed. I walked away without any feelings of sadness, because after-all, that’s what I was there for. Remember in those incredibly tough, I don’t want to do this, I’m not sure I CAN do this, when will this end parenting moments that this too shall pass. You will get through it. You will move on and when it’s over, you will probably miss it – even if some moments it’s just a little. Embrace where you are and plan for what will come. After all – they are worth it.

Tavin and Mom on the first day of 2nd grade


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