Setting goals

I’ve been realizing more and more lately that regardless of the goal you’re trying to set – finances, losing weight, running faster, building a business, going on a vacation – the steps are the same. Being a goal oriented, list making type of person, this was actually reassuring. When there is a desired result, the same steps apply. Even if I’m getting my hair done……

I was recently given an exercise to write what I wanted my life to look like in three years. It was daunting because: first I had to really figure out what that snapshot looked like and: second I had to not just say it out loud to myself, the assignment asked for me to write it down and post it on a Facebook group. Even a closed group of people I love made it scary because it made it REAL. But I thought about it, wrote notes and posted. Here it is for all to see because I actually like pushing myself and having accountability.

My perfect day 3 years from now. This has been exceptionally difficult for me. First, I’ll only have two kids left at home and one will be a Senior and Kezia will be graduating, so she’s not in the equation. Tavin will be finishing 4th grade. I’ll have a tiny house on wheels which I really, really want. It gives me the freedom in my finances with a low cost of living and the option to move and bring my home with me. If you know me well and my lack of roots, this type of living makes so much sense to me. I’ll have a truck to tow myself if I want to move.

I’ll be out of debt. I’m going through my “debt folder” now to make that plan happen. It’s not as awful as I thought and knowing what I need to pay off is a relief. 

I’ll be making a living as a podcaster and coach (instead of doing it on the side) and be confident in what I’m doing. I won’t be working for anyone but myself and I will be fulfilling a calling I feel I’ve had for a long time but have never fully tapped into. Finally. Working predominantly online will also free up my time so I can do anything I want on the side. Run more, do ceramics, learn to play guitar, etc… I’ll have time for me and for my kids. I’ll live more minimally and have freedom.

*Truck and tiny house with more minimal lifestyle

*Working for myself as a podcaster and coach and feeling fulfilled by helping others
*Time and money to spend how I like (and I”m open on this one!)
*Travel!!!! With my house and abroad
*Debt free

Reading it makes it seem like no big deal. Easy. Not even that far fetched or unrealistic. But the steps it will take to get there are specific and some of them are difficult. Going through my credit report and debt folder and coming up with a plan to pay things off and raise my credit for example. Saving for a down-payment on a tiny house and having the credit to finance it, plus the truck to tow it. And where the hell am I parking the thing??

The great thing is that this is a 3 year plan and it’s not overwhelming. Plus, I do have an amazing partner who might want some input. It’s reassuring to feel like I”m not alone in the journey and the journey should be fun. I’ve loved what minimalism has done for me so far and I look forward to what it will continue to bring. This lifestyle is also less expensive and more adventurous so bring it – let’s set some goals!!!

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