How To Travel Oversea’s Without Having A Passport

Traveling is #1 on my bucket list of things to do. I want to go everywhere and see everything. Not just the glossy magazine photo’s, I want to feel the places I see. That, so far, hasn’t been in the cards for me although I’ve traveled the USA a fair amount. I do have my passport application though, and I’m forging ahead in the event international travel becomes part of my reality. 

My book is another story altogether. My book has traveled internationally. I meet some pretty fantastic people at work. One guy I worked with was a tough cookie, but he was looking out for his 24 year old daughters best interest and I appreciate that. Throughout the 3 week process and Stan coming from California to Nevada twice to assist in the car buying process, we talked quite a bit. I learned about his business and travel and he learned about my family. He found me on LinkedIn and realized I wrote a book, so he purchased it on Amazon and let me know so I didn’t think he was a stalker…… There’s this odd sensation that occurs when I know someone is going to read my book. I’m excited and proud of the accomplishment and nervous because I want it to be good.

My books hanging out with a statue….. No big deal……

In any event, the book was delivered the day before Stan was heading out on a business trip. My book was read while traveling from the US to Germany, finished in Italy and was hanging out in the United Kingdom. Stan, being a pretty funny guy who wanted me to have a few epic photos, sent me 3. He was willing to have people look at him weird and use props to showcase my book. Which was pretty damn awesome!

A well traveled book uses a Lamborghini to get around……

If I know you’re reading my book, regardless of how fantastic you think it is, I ask for a honest review. It builds the information for me and an online presence, but it also gives me feedback on what people like or don’t like so next time I can be better. Stan was no exception and this is his review on Amazon:

“Couldn’t put it down. I found myself completely immersed in Jenn’s story. Her honest and open recollection of her experiences from a child to an adult were “challenging” at best. I couldn’t image growing up with so many challenges – she has earned the title “The Warrior Princess”. Thanks for sharing and allowing us to learn through your experiences. I look forward to her next!”

Having a book go international is pretty amazing, especially since it’s also an opportunity to get to know someone, gain a friend and push myself to be better. And the review? Amazing!!

Big Ben



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