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Christmas 2015

It was a different Christmas this year. Not what most would consider minimalistic but not entirely commercial either. We shot for a balance somewhere in between and (I think) came out well in the end. Our children are all getting older and although I wanted to take a family trip this year like we did last year, the kids asked for something different. They wanted a more “traditional” Christmas with presents, but most of the lists were practical. Continue reading

My Pinterest Has ADD

I did it again. I went on Pinterest. I loooooove visiting, but I only go on sparingly because I know I’ll be sucked in. Not in a bad habit way, I learn great things, read articles, find information. It’s awesome. But still, I know an hour (or more) can go by in a blink so I am cautious. This is what I noticed today. Pinterest is in my head. On my feed I see “get a tighter butt”, “habits of elite runners”, “how to stay fit in your 40’s” and right next to those are “artichoke spinach dip that will blow your mind”, “cheesy garlic bread”, “sinful mac and cheese”. How will I keep that great butt if I’m dipping chips in the artichoke dip? In another category that I love, I read “minimize your closet”, “tiny house ideas”, “12 things you own too many of” and right next to that I read, “closet must haves”, “you can never own too many sweaters”, “dream home closet”. So my Pinterest has ADD.  Or I do. Continue reading

Motivating Kids When They Are Unmotivated

With thirteen kids, I can tell those of you looking for the One Best Way To Raise Kids – there IS no one best way.  Just like all of us adults have unique personalities, so do our kiddos who come wired with a personality we sometimes feel is familiar and sometimes have no clue where they came from.  Little alien’s we’re supposed to raise by doing all the right things the right ways.  A best way doesn’t exist and neither does the manual. I”m far from perfect.  I raise my voice too often, I have high expectations, I like to keep our home clean and I’m not always great at being lazy or relaxing.  But I’m good at a lot too and I give my family my all every day. Continue reading

Supporting Change In Each Other

Anyone who said relationships are easy was either delusional, or not in a relationship.  Great relationships take a lot of give and take, compromise, communication and work.  When things are easy and the sailing is smooth, it’s fun to have a partner in crime.  Rainbows and unicorns and pot of gold, skipping, euphoric kind of great.  Those times should be cherished because the seasons of change happen to all of us and weathering the storms together is a lot more difficult. Continue reading

Cold Weather Running

It’s cold here in Reno. But not always. Within a week I ran in weather that was in the 50’s, the 30’s, the 20’s and the teens – not in that order. There was wind up to 20 mph that I ran in and once it rained.  I opted out on the day it was raining and 30 mph winds, but otherwise, I’m game.  The problem I have is figuring out what to wear.  Not in a “geez, my shoes should really match my belt” sort of way, but in a how many layers this time?????  If weather is consistent, it’s easy but when it’s jumping around all the time I have layering ADD.   Continue reading

Having Less Means Loving More

It’s now been ten months since The Purge – the beginning of our minimalism journey.  Unloading at least 65% of our belongings, having a more open, streamlined home with less of everything but stress is still one of the best and biggest, most pivotal times of our lives.  I think back on how emotional I was at moments – parting with items that I couldn’t imagine being without.  With the exception of a desk, there is nothing I ever even think about. Continue reading

Being Positive

I am currently unemployed. This came as a shock, although by the time it was my last day, I’d had about six weeks to realize that it was coming. In the end I asked to be (mercifully) fired so I could at least collect unemployment while I was looking for another job – especially during the holidays – and that’s what happened. My last day was November 17th.
Continue reading