Monthly Archives: November 2015

Minimalism Through The Holidays

Stress, spending money, too many things to do. None of which most of us want, especially around the holidays. Most of it we bring on ourselves though, so if you’re looking for less stress during the holidays, take a good hard look in the mirror and start talking.  That’s the person with control.  To get the think tank going, here are five ways to minimize (and reduce your stress): Continue reading

Sneaking Away Without Sneaking

Date night is imperative in a relationship with kids.  I look forward to Saturday night and I won’t lie, it’s on a countdown some weeks.  We have some rules about date night.  No discussing our relationship and no discussing the kids.  This is both a relief and a challenge, but date night is about us tapping in to each other, focusing on each other, feeling special and important and getting away from the issues that cause stress.  It’s not only about staying in love but also about remembering that we do love each other and, hopefully, loving each other even more.  The challenge about not discussing our relationship or the kids is that those are two things that consume a lot of our life.   Continue reading

Fixing Stuff

One good thing that came out of growing up poor is that I learned to fix things.  Toilets, the TV set up (OK, the new stuff I don’t get as easily), changing a flat tire, garbage disposals.  When you don’t have money and you want things to work, you figure it out.  Probably part of why I still ask too many questions and I need things to make sense.   Continue reading