Monthly Archives: October 2015

My Wardrobe Update – Ordering Online

My order arrived from Betabrand!!!  If you haven’t looked at their website, take a peek.  I really super duper like a couple things about them.  First – Customer service is off the charts amazing.  Seriously I had one question and now I probably know some of the staff better than any of us imagined was possible.  They are professional and they’ll work their butts off to help you out.  I was looking for something out of stock and they’re keeping me posted on it which is awesome.
Second – the clothing quality is fantastic.  If I’m going to spend money on clothes (outside of a thrift shop where I usually go) I want to rest assured it will last a long time.  It’s not just how their stuff is made, it’s the fit.  One of the places I can get things in a size 4 with a 34″ inseam and the overall fit is always amazing.   Continue reading

Ongoing Minimalism

It doesn’t end. For those of you thinking you can reorganize, dump a few items and move on, it doesn’t work that way.  It’s an ongoing battle to FIRST:  Find your sweet spot where you have nothing extra and only the things that are useful or bring joy, SECOND:  Stuff will continue to accumulate, crap creeps back in, we aren’t perfect about replacing items and soon you can end up right back where you started. Continue reading

Weight Loss, Running and Supplements

I broke my foot a year ago, was in a boot, couldn’t run for over 6 months and put on 12 pounds.  Twelve might not be a big number, especially since I was at a good weight, but I didn’t want to keep it on.  I started running in March – and I use the word “running” loosely since it started as walking a mile on a treadmill.  In October I ran my first half marathon in 18 months and I’m consistently running about 20 miles a week over 3 different days.  I took seven months to build up to that.  Prior to the break I was running about 50 miles per week but I was definitely over training.  After 7 months of slowly easing back into running, I lost 5 pounds and just stayed there. Continue reading