Monthly Archives: September 2015

Being A Barely Adequate Parent (Or How To Screw Up Your Kids Without Even Trying)

I am a parent. To a lot of kids. Crazy, insane, what were you thinking, are you an idiot amount of kids. 13 to be precise. Biological, step, adopted. You name it, I’ve got them. It’s the most dysfunctional, motley group of people who seemingly came from everywhere and formed a lopsided, lumpy group and called ourselves a family. Some people collect thimbles, I collected my family. Continue reading

Replacing Christmas

Last year at about this time, our kids approached us and asked if we could replace Christmas.  They asked for a family trip and no presents.  NO PRESENTS!!!!  When most of your kids are teenagers, and they’d rather spend time with you than money on them, you take stock.  Continue reading

How To Take A Dump

A photo dump. You people are so disturbed. I downloaded my phone photos to clear up space. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing to admit what kind of stuff you keep on your phone, but hey, it’s just a little piece of who I am.  Be afraid. Continue reading

How To Set Running Goals

First of all, be realistic when setting goals.  I generally have 3 goals for each race.  My PR – the time to beat, my middle of the road that I will probably achieve, and my absolutely don’t want to do worse than this.  Here’s the last 18 months for me and why we need to alter our goals: Continue reading

Dating, Running and Romance

Date night is a big deal in our home. So much so that when Chris and I didn’t make it out for a couple weeks, Alana (with Gabe’s help) made us a gift to remind us that we need to go. The kids know us having some alone time is important because we’ve taught them that it is.  Some weeks it can’t or doesn’t happen and we’re always striving to find some sort of balance between the demands of work, kids and us. Continue reading