Monthly Archives: January 2015

Winter Running

I don’t like cold.  That being said, I like running outside.  Now that I’ve started running again – after a 5 month lovely hiatus that involved a very sexy boot for my broken foot – I wanted to get outside ASAP.  In winter.

IMG_1907 IMG_1147

Still, it’s far better than the treadmill which I’ve always felt hopelessly incompetent on.   I’d rather fall flat on my ass outside on the ice than pretend I’m a gazelle on a treadmill.IMG_1953 IMG_1908


So I’m braving the great outdoors!!!  YAY ME!!!!  I’m up to 4 miles and I’m keeping it around a 9:30 minute mile pace.  Build the distance, the speed will come.  Patience is not my virtue, but I’m so happy to be running again, to be outside again.