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Hitting The Wall

Sometimes we just need a break. I worked 13 days straight. I don’t know if that’s bragging or complaining. Neither actually. It’s just how it was and I didn’t mind. Eventually I know I’m going to hit the wall. Hard. It happened Saturday night. I was so exhausted I literally fell asleep on my face…..  Kind of like this: Continue reading

Balancing Work, Workouts, Family, Sleep, Life

There is no one way to create balance. No pie charts, no scales. It’s a constantly evolving chore wheel of priorities. A harmony of proportions. I can’t honestly evaluate if I balance it all well. My boss may say he wishes I’d get more done with my time, work more hours. My coach may say he thinks I should attend more workouts, show more effort, be faster. My kids may say they want more one on one dates, more of my time, more scientific experiments in the kitchen, more shopping trips. My checkbook may say it needs bigger deposits, fewer bills.  The best way to find balance is to continuously review it. Continue reading

Attitude Of Gratitude


It’s that time of year. People are posting their “Days of Being Grateful”.  I want to feel that gratitude all year long. I GET to be on a team. I GET to run. I GET to do triathlons. I GET to have this big, crazy, fun, wonderful family. I GET to go to work. I GET to pay my bills, I GET to feel happy.  I GET to be thankful. But here it is. My short but important list of things I’m thankful for. Continue reading

Pros and Cons of Being A Single Mom

The cons. Well, obviously when you vow to love, honor, etc…. etc…. this person divorce wasn’t on the horizon. It hurts, it sucks, it’s hard, it’s emotional, it affects your kids who you’d do anything to protect. In my case I was the one that made the decision to call it quits. Hypocritical, perhaps.  But honest.  One thing I’ve learned from my nearly 43 years and a trail of failed relationships:  You can’t control what other people do and Continue reading

I Love People, But They Suck

9 of 11 Most Amazing Kids!!

9 of 11 Most Amazing Kids!!

Having a large family gets some interesting comments.  When one of my older children – Brianna – was little she heard someone say something rude to me about our family in the checkout  line of a store and she cried.  I was always polite, smiling, non-confrontational.  Someone said something awful??  I just blew if off.  Until that day. Continue reading


Years ago I received sage wisdom. Pamper yourself. Not – hey go out to Nordstroms and shop like a maniac once a month…. Dial it back. (although if someone wants to sponsor me, I’m willing to give that a shot!!) The advice was: choose a few things that are important to you and pamper yourself.  This is what I chose: Continue reading

Zero Dark Thirty. Ninja’s On The Move

Ashlea's shirt today.  Interesting because I was thinking this very thing this morning.

Ashlea’s shirt today. Interesting because I was thinking this very thing this morning.

My team meets at 6 am. During the winter months it’s dark. Very dark. We’re all in black which isn’t very wise.  At 18* this morning, we’re also covered pretty much head to toe.  We look like Running Ninja’s.  Unfortunately, you can’t see us very well.  Fortunately, we’re not on the road much.  Here are some tips for running in the winter.  Other than the obvious – Bring a light, wear reflective clothing, be seen, take horrid selfies in the near dark of your house so you don’t wake up your kids, use your phone light so you don’t trip on dogs and said kids, know that when you’re getting back, they’ll be just about waking up and happy to see you, write ridiculously long, run on sentences…..

Continue reading

Are You Kidding????

My 43rd birthday is in a couple of weeks. I like to think that not only for my age I look pretty decent, but compared to the general population I’m doing OK.  I eat fairly healthy, I exercise.  I treat my body as it is – the only one I have for the duration.  I’m proud to see women who are active and healthy, confident.  I was going through my bank drive-through recently and I saw this.

Wow.  Just Wow.

Wow. Just Wow.

Seriously?? This is the message you’re sending??  Looking good is fantastic.  Advertising THIS?? Continue reading

Yes, I’m a Techie….

I have several posts in the works. Actually I usually have a few I’m working on simultaneously.  HOWEVER, I’m waiting for pictures to come in.  Such a drag that I’m not computer literate.  I should get my kids to do it for me….  At any rate, this is what I’m thinking about right now.