Between Pissed Off And Surprised

A good friend of mine here owns Aesthetics Medical Training Spa. It’s a great little place where you can get injectables as well as facials, microderm, laser hair removal, etc… but Jasmines favorite part of her business is the medical training. She’s asked me in the past to be a model and I love, love it! Not only do I get to sit in on a pretty cool class, I get a free facial.  She trains aestheticians advanced classes so sometimes she’s doing the facial and sometimes a “student” getting advanced certification does it.  No matter what I’m game.

Interesting tidbit.  A few years ago I was at a wedding shower and the ladies were putting down some serious alcohol.  Since I rarely drink I was very lucid during their conversations….  I came to find out I am the only one my age (and much younger) that I know who hasn’t buckled and gotten botox and in many cases – more.  I was shocked.  I thought I just had deeper lines than they did.  Seriously.  Clueless.

Sure, I love seeing the number 11 between my eyebrows!!!

Sure, I love seeing the number 11 between my eyebrows!!!

So Jasmine asked me if I was game to model this past Monday.  Yup.  In.  I showed up Monday and was handed paperwork and asked what I would like for a final result.  I glanced at the papers and realized I was there for botox.  SWEET!!!!! A huge part of my hesitancy was cost second only to bragging that I haven’t had anything done.  It’s just not where I’d put money but I’m willing to get past the bragging rights.  I looked right at the woman and said, “Somewhere between pissed off and surprised please!!”.

My angry face.  Don't mess with this!!

My angry face. Don’t mess with this!!

I had no clue what I was in for.  None.  The nurse doing the training didn’t like me.  She kept handing me a mirror and asking me to point out everything about myself I”m unhappy with.  I kept putting the mirror down and told her I’m rarely angry but when I concentrate or run, I use those eyebrow muscles that have created the #11.  I’m really completely happy with how I look, I don’t mind aging or not looking 20, but if I could even soften that one area, I feel I’d look less harsh.  Despite the fact that my answer evidently wasn’t what she wanted to hear, the nurse in training who was gaining her credentials did a fabulous job.  4 little pokes, 100 cc’s, ten minutes later and I was done.  Then I had to go home and Google how long it takes to work (3-7 days and up to 2 weeks the first time to completely do it’s thing) and what the average cc’s are for a first time (25 is what I read so the nurse was right – I needed a lot).  They did tell me I’d be good for a solid 6 months which is longer than I expected and wouldn’t need as much for touch ups.

Then, we wait…….  The injection sites felt like small, sore mosquito bites.  By day 2 I couldn’t make my scrunchy face as much and interestingly enough, I stopped trying.  Years of habit seemed to just go away.  It was kind of weird.  My after care instructions told me to massage the area and make all facial movements so I literally had to think about furrowing my brow.  Who’d have thought?? By day 5 the mosquito bites were gone, the area felt good and I had an even more difficult time scrunching.  I can still do it slightly, but I have to think about it.  On my runs when I furrow my brow the most, I just don’t do it anymore.  My lines aren’t completely gone but are definitely softer, more relaxed.  Would I do it again??  Absolutely.  I almost wish I had done it sooner.  No more bragging rights about how I haven’t had work done, but in their place is a much less pissed off looking woman.

Day 5 -no mosquito bite marks and a softer look

Day 5 -no mosquito bite marks and a softer look without losing character

Day 5 - still have the eyebrow raise going on - no surprised, fake look here!

Day 5 – still have the eyebrow raise going on – no surprised, fake look here!

Day 6 pre run with no makeup.  I'll take it!

Day 6 pre run with no makeup. I’ll take it!

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