Sensational Sunday!!

It’s early and I already know I have a busy day ahead of me which is not a complaint.  5.5 mile recovery run followed by a day at the lake with some family friends.  I participated in the Running with the Bears half marathon yesterday in Greenville, CA. Fantastic all the way around and I’m truly looking forward to writing all about it. I have several blogs in the making – most of which I write and then wait for pictures from the event or director – this is no exception.

Some highlights:
Greenville, CA is farming community and beautiful. Calm, peaceful and very welcoming.
I wasn’t planning for a PR – that’s getting saved for next year – so it was nice to just enjoy myself although I did have a moment when my rarely seen competitive nature was shining through….  but I got over it.
After leaving at 4:30 am to drive the 2 hours to Greenville, I was never so happy to see a line of porta-potties!! I heart porta-potties anyway, but this was a moment of near nirvana. Sure, I’d rather have a toilet in my room at the Ritz or 4 Seasons, but toilets are a relative thing and yesterday morning those looked wonderful.
Next time I do this race – and I plan on a next time – I’m bringing all the kids and making a weekend of it. SO family friendly and such fun.
The altitude was 3500 feet which is low for where I live and train (my house is 5000 and I train to over 8000). Other than that it’s a nice rolling hill, relatively flat course so if you wanted to quality for Boston, this would be a great marathon to run.

This post is simply dedicated to thanking some people who deserve it.  I didn’t used to be as  picky, however after running for years (and years) I’ve whittled down what products I just love and stick with.

BodyRock Sport has the only sports bras I ever use.  SUCH a difference in how I feel running because they work so well and look amazing!  I have a list of items from BRS from capris to shirts and I could dedicate entire posts to how fabulous this entire line is.  I have an actual list of “things to buy” from this site.  So worth every penny.

Recofit compression sleeves (among their other products) are hands down the best out there for compression that’s comfortable and actually does what it says it will.  I’m taking them on the boat today….  I ran with them, recovered all day in them, fell asleep and forgot to sleep in them….  I travel with them on.  It’s sexy.  I know.  I’m full of sexy little accessories like these!!

If I’m going to run in a skirt, my hands down favorite is from Running Skirts.  These ladies know how to make a skirt that rocks!!  I’ve had this one for years and it’s still taking the punishment.

So, thank you for these all women, smaller companies that actually identify the need, do their homework and get the job done!!

After the half marathon finish with my beautiful, shiny medal!!! BodyRock Sport bra, Running Skirts skirt and Recofit Sports compression sleeves helped get me through it comfortably

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