Heart Rate & Training

The good news about having a coach is that he tells me what to do. The not so good news is that I don’t always understand. Fortunately I have complete trust in him. We’re training with heart rate and, honestly, I’m not entirely clear on it. I understand that there are zones and each one does something different. I do not understand what they are…. But I’m getting there. I do know I train in zones that are too high which means I’m not properly training my body.  Again, I get that.  Sometimes this means I need to slow down and sometimes it means I have to push hard.

I think this is right:

107-124 Zone #1;  124-142 Zone #2; 142-160 Zone #3; 160-178 Zone #4

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    1. jennifershere Post author

      Thanks!!! It’s just for fun which means I have no stress on my time, but naturally I want to do well. I’ve wanted to do Running With The Bears for a while now so I’m just excited to go!! Leaving at 4:30 to drive there…. Missing you!!

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