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*******I didn’t get paid for this posting.  I wish I had.  I tried, but apparently I’m not good at begging…..  Actually I don’t ever want to get paid for reviewing a product.  If I don’t like it, you don’t hear about it or I attempt to compare several of the same items and highlight my favorites and tell you why.  If I absolutely love it and think my active life is better because of it and it’s worth every penny, I won’t shut up about it.  This, my friends, is one of those times…. Some of my favorite products have been acquired after someone else posts a review, so I hope it helps other people when I do it…  We should help each other out, ya’ know??!!*******

It is a rare and beautiful gift when you meet someone you connect with so much you have difficulty remembering your life before they were a part of it, can’t imagine your life without them in it, cherish that they make you want to be better than you are and would do nearly anything to help them.  I am truly blessed to know a woman I feel all those things about.  Susie.  I adore her dedication, drive, determination, zest for life, calm nature, sense of humor and strength of character.  If I had to choose one word to describe her it would be “Lovely”.  Susie is a woman other women gravitate towards.  She exudes such a beautiful energy with her powerful yet soft-spoken manner and I watch others lean forward to listen to what she has to say as I do the same.

With Susie being silly

Susie was a journalist and publicist in the sports world – predominantly cycling – for over 20 years.  Her husband (whom she met when she interviewed him for an article after he won a race 30ish years ago!) was on the Canadian Olympic Team and later became a pro bicyclist then naturally segwayed into working for several well known sports wear companies.  Needless to say, Susie’s life has been saturated with all things active – predominantly running, biking, skiing and swimming.  When Susie was having her own trials with shin splints, she started pouring through information on compression gear, trying many products to help her recover from this debilitating and painful running injury, but not finding anything that worked well for her.  Having spent the majority of her life inundated with everything sports wear, she could easily access products and information, however felt like “The Princess and the Pea” in that she didn’t find a product that felt great and accomplished what she was looking for in compression.  At this point in time, Susie had semi-retired from journalism and was staying home with the couples third child which opened up a time window for her to explore creating something of her own.  She did what any strong, entrepreneurial woman does when faced with this type of dilemma.  In 2008 she created her own company!!  Naturally, Susie felt if she had a need that wasn’t met, many of us would have that same need and why keep something amazing to yourself??!!  Recofit Sports was born!  (See them featured in the March edition of Runners World!!)

I myself have tried a multitude of compression socks and sleeves over the years.  Having an adoptive dad with diabetes I understand the value of compression gear, the science behind it, to some degree.  However, I haven’t liked most products because they felt heavy or thick and the seams drove me crazy (short trip, but still – we don’t need to add to my crazy!).  Others I’ve disliked because they weren’t sleeves but had attached socks and once there’s a hole in the toes, they’re done.  That also limited me to wearing that particular sock instead of switching them out.  I yearned for a pair of lightweight sleeves that would actually take the science behind compression and utilize it.  So comfortable that I could wear them on extended plane or car trips, all day when I’m on my feet cutting hair, while I sleep and when I’m on longer runs.  BINGO!!!

Sarah, Tanya and myself standing around in our compression sleeves waiting for a photo shoot.  Yes, they actually wanted me in the photo’s.  Probably from the knee down

Yup – they look awesome AND also come in black!!  I (naturally) have a pair of each!!  Susie has four products and each is made with her eye for detail.  She’s a proud sponsor of several teams and her amazing products are sold in many retail stores.  I feel blessed not only to love her products, but to know her as well.  My favorite companies to support are the smaller, local, mom and pop, jump in and do it type of companies (especially when they’re owned and operated by other women runners!) so I feel good making the purchase.  Like it counts for something more than just a corporation making money and if I shared how I felt about a product my voice would actually be heard.

Friends who travel together….. Have fun!!! Yes, I’m wearing all tech gear for my flight including Susie’s compression sleeves. With Susie

So now I’ll share something personal about Susie and me.  We’re morning people, so on our trip we were both up drinking tea every morning, looking out over Puget Sound chatting, getting to know each other better and feeling peacefully laid back.  Susie found out that there were SUP’s on the beach just begging to be taken out so she and I grabbed swim suits and headed out on an adventure.  She wanted to show me an area I hadn’t seen that’s laden with starfish and sea stars which I adore (as I do sand dollars).  They were enormous and colorful and it was a fun, beautiful, peacefully quiet adventure to share with a lovely woman.  I found out later that day that Susie also makes and sells jewelry (of course she does….  I have a list of things she’s awesome at doing!!).  Of course I have a necklace of hers.  A starfish.  To remind me of the things in life that I enjoy as well as the adventures she and I have been on.  I love it.  Thank you Susie for starting a company I believe in, but mostly for being you and being my friend.

My starfish pendant made by Susie

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  1. Leslie White

    Having known Susie for 38 years (***coughing and gasping in amazement***), I can second those emotions. Thanks for capturing my not-so-old friend in words…

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