To Apologize Or Not To Apologize??

I vaguely remember a scene in the movie Erin Brockovich with Julia Roberts where someone gave her a hard time about what she was wearing.  She stated something to the effect of “As long as my butt looks like this, I’ll dress like this”.  I’ve struggled with that very same issue.  An overweight woman can dress in nearly anything – very short, very tight, boobs falling out – and no one will say a word.  On the other hand if a thin, attractive woman dresses in a more revealing way, plenty of people have something to say.

She owned her body!!

I’ve spent my entire adult life working hard to remain in shape.  I’m proud of my body with all its imperfections.  I’ve put my body through a lot.  7 infertility surgeries, 7 pregnancies – the last a miscarriage of twins at 19 weeks with 3 subsequent surgeries, a D&C, hysterectomy and surgery to stop the uncontrollable bleeding in which I died on the table and had 5 blood transfusions.  Yet here I am.  11 years of breastfeeding (not consecutively, thank goodness!) and 13 kiddos that call me Mom later.  Still a size 4, unwilling to bend to society strongly encouraging me to get botox and wanting to remain proud of all the work I’ve put in.  I stayed in shape during pregnancies and got back in shape in between.  I’ve done fitness competitions, weight training and (of course!) running through it all.

Me at the end of a run

So which attitude to have??  Dress conservatively, don’t show how proud you are of the body you work so hard to keep in shape??  Or dress comfortably in a way that shows off how hard you work?  Apologize to people when they make rude remarks about the way you look?  Or smile and walk away?  I don’t have the answers.  I dress according to my mood, I don’t want to ever look trashy but I’m also not uncomfortable being in clothes that show I’m in good shape.  I choose to be me and embrace it fully!!

4 thoughts on “To Apologize Or Not To Apologize??

  1. warrioirwoman

    I commend you on staying true to your self, I am amazed on how many children
    you have given birth to and raised as your own. It’s women like you who motivate
    the rest of us. p.s. If you’ve got it show it,you’ve worked hard for that body.

    1. jennifershere Post author

      Thanks!! It’s hard to guage especially as I get older. I am proud of my body though. I think it’s possible to show it without being trashy….. I love, love raising the kids! If I motivate one person, that makes me happy!

  2. Shea Harris

    OH…MY…GOODNESS. I had no idea! I’m even more glad to have met you now! You are awesome! What an inspiration, Jennifer! I’m sharing this one too! 🙂

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