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I can no longer recollect how I initially heard about Another Mother Runner, but I’ve been following their blog, podcasts, books and website for a long time.  Sarah and Dimity have offered a plethora of information on all things running from the basic to the TMI and I enjoy their candid humor.  They are real women with genuine struggles balancing work, marriage, children, running and all the seemingly insignificant but often disruptive events that occur in daily life.  I’ve cyber-stalked followed them diligently, also using their interface as a springboard to connect with other mother runners.  Sarah and Dimity have no hesitation admitting to be Badass Mother Runners not unlike myself – and encourage women to own it.

Dimity and Sarah *Picture courtesy of Another Mother Runner website*

At one point in my stalking following career, I wrote to thank them.  Living in an instant gratification, negative society I try to point out the positive whenever I can.  Sarah and Dimity had been making a significantly positive effect on my life and I was compelled to tell them.   I recall saying thank you and telling a little about myself.  Just, “Hey, you make a difference and I appreciate you” kind of thing.  Sarah wrote back telling me MY story was an inspiration and stated, “Please tell me you have a blog!”  No, actually, but having always wanted one, that was the final and much-needed kick in the butt for me to start one.  That week tuffmotherondarun was born and I was even more grateful for my relationship with these wonderful women as I watched the ripple effect of connecting with them in my own life.  They made me feel that my story is important and had the potential to touch other women in the same way they were a constant source of inspiration to me.

As a blog writer, I feel that it’s an outward projection of my internal dialogue.  A creative outlet.  A diary of sorts.  If people don’t want to follow it, that’s OK.  It’s mostly for me to be able to vent my inner rantings about being a woman, mom, wife and runner who admittedly doesn’t have all the answers.  However if I can save someone from making some of the same mistakes I’ve made; that’s fantastic.  If I encourage or make someone laugh that’s awesome!  I hope if you’re following it, you enjoy it and I’m giving you something that’s needed because that’s why I follow Sarah and Dimity.  They feed my badass mother runner soul.

Naturally, I felt compelled to meet these strong, determined, wonderful ladies live and in person.  Sure, cyber-stalking is an enjoyable pastime, but after a year or two, I wanted to really know them.  Last summer Sarah posted a blog on a Women’s ReTreat she had attended.  I pored over Kingston Adventures website, looked longingly at the pictures, desperately wanting to BE there.  When Another Mother Runner posted their calendar for the 2012 year, it showed they were both slated to return to the reTreat.  Again, I pored over the information and realized I could actually make it happen.  3 days of trail running, SUP, yoga, Sarah and Dimity as guest speakers with their new book as part of the swag…..  Certainly one of the best trips I’ve ever taken.

Sarah and I chatting in the pool

Getting to meet the girls was wonderful.  Their differing personalities shine through in their writing styles and are more poignant upon getting to know them.  They’re women and moms just like I am, but their ability to utilize journalism to touch people’s lives is inspiring.  Though all our email correspondence and blog reading allowed me to feel as if I knew Sarah and Dimity, nothing can compare with sitting down and chatting.  I feel honored to call them friends, even though our acquaintance is new and I still look forward to getting to know them better as time goes on.  At one point towards the end of the reTreat, Beth, the reTreat’s owner, operator and fellow badass woman spoke stating that she hoped this opportunity would allow us to continue the friendships we began there.  I was sitting between Sarah and Dimity and leaned into Sarah whispering in the most creepy voice I could muster, “Don’t worry.  I’ll never stop stalking you…”  Creepy or not, there is truth in the fact that I want my life to be surrounded with positive, wonderful, strong, badass women who make me want to be a better me.  Dimity and Sarah I count among those few special women.

Sarah, Me and Dimity

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