Kingston Adventures

For the first time ever in my 41 years I treated myself to a weekend with the girls. I’ve always wanted girlfriends to travel with, go to lunch with, chat with about important things like Botox, stretch marks, sex, kids, husbands, running, getting older, etc…  However that is a luxury that has not been a large commodity in my life.  I have one best friend, my sister and my mother in law all who live far away or a phone call away, however that’s just not the same as getting together.  Otherwise the women in my life are cherished but more close acquaintances than friends and we don’t get together or plan things.  Men are easier for me to be friends with I believe due to their simplicity, but again I have very few close male friends and I wouldn’t feel comfortable meeting for a drink to sit and chat.  How do you have a weekend getaway with the girls when you lack girls??

Kingston Adventures!!  I initially heard about Kingston Adventures from two women writers who’s blog, podcasts and website I follow.  Sarah and Dimity from Another Mother Runner.  Sarah attended Kingston’s Women’s ReTreat last summer and immediately after reading her blog, I linked in to sign up.  While waiting the months until 2012 sign up, I looked at pictures, read information and cyber-stalked Sarah and Dimity with renewed vengeance and enthusiasm as they were the reTreat’s scheduled guest speakers.

This picture from the 2011 Women’s ReTreat. I’d sit and stare at it thinking how much I wanted to BE in this picture

The reTreat sold out in 20 hours even though the number of allowed women doubled from 25 to 50 in attendance.  All I knew is that I made the list and only had 7 months to plan!!  Although I believe you should never wish your time away, I did look forward to the beginning of August when I’d board a plane to Seattle, get on a shuttle to the ferry which would bring me to the Kingston ReTreat.  At long last, I arrived although it took 3 phone calls to Beth – Kingston Adventures mastermind and owner and a rescue pick up at the towns grocery store where the shuttle dumped me unceremoniously.

Beth, Me and Rachael, one of Beths employees, who rescued many of us throughout the weekend

50 women and a schedule laden with outdoor exercise, amazing food, a breathtakingly beautiful house nestled in Washingtons Puget Sound.  Nirvana!!

Infinity pool looking out at Puget Sound at the house we stayed at for the reTreat

All weekend I remained excited, anxious and enthusiastic with my journal, pencil and business cards in hand ready and waiting for the next wonderful moment.  Beth did not leave me wanting.  I met women who I plan to remain in close contact with, women who are strong, passionate, driven, entrepreneurial, down to earth.  Women who make you want to be better than you are, to remain strong and renew your internal passion and drive.  I feel  my vernacular is inadequate to describe not only how amazing the reTreat was, but what a truly oustanding woman Beth and all the women she chose to be part of the weekend are.  It’s an understatement when I say that I left a piece of myself in Kingston, but took more away.

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