Bridging the Gap

Similar to many cities across the US, Reno has a lot of construction going on. Reno is unlike other locations I’ve lived in however.  I don’t believe anyone is actually planning it out.  We’ve had the same sections done several times, some that desperately need to be done and aren’t and lots happening at the same time regardless of the fact that they’re overlapping so parts of town are nearly inaccessible.  It’s extremely frustrating.  HOWEVER, one of the projects involves constructing nine bridges and an 8.5 mile freeway from the Mount Rose Highway in Reno to the north end of Washoe Valley.  The new section of freeway officially opens to traffic in August connecting the state’s capital city of Carson City to the Interstate Highway System.  It’s a great project and something that will make an enormous difference in commute time and accidents as well as alleviate traffic congestion in more residential areas.  One of the bridges in the project is the Galena Creek Bridge – the longest concrete cathedral arch bridge in the nation.

Longest concrete cathedral arch bridge in the nation

Galena cathedral arch bridge

The DOT hosted a walk, bike, run yesterday.  The directions there seemed good when I printed them out, but 2 things were obvious upon our arrival:  1)  This was not put on by an event director for biking or running events and 2)  I’m spoiled by directors that run events very well.  The parking was at the 10K sign.  What they didn’t tell you is that it’s a 5K to the bridge.  That means your vehicle is a 5K away from where you are…..  Huh.

Chris and 6 of the kids ready to go!

The bike powered bar that was traveling the route

Chris and Me

Corrine – a running group friend

PORTA POTTIES!!!! These were the best smelling, cleanest potties EVER!!

I ran the 5K, took a ton of pictures, turned off the Garmin and headed back towards everyone.  Ran into Chris first:

Chris at the 5K turnaround

Then I ran into Samuel on his bike with Alana and Ashlea.  Told them to finish and find Chris.  I kept going until I found Kezia and Gabrielle and then finished with them.  I finally found all the kids and realized Chris had already headed back to the van so he could drive up and get the kids and they wouldn’t have to run a second 5K.  Told the kids to hang tight and headed back to the van so I could drive the truck to work….  There were several booths and lots going on so it was fun for the kids to hang out.



It was a beautiful view.  I caught up with Chris at the vehicles, he grabbed the kids and I went to work.  The kids got great swag bags while they were waiting and there were tons of people out running, walking and biking.  After today bikes and pedestrians will no longer be allowed on the highway.  I know every time we drive this section the kids will remember doing a 5K across the longest concrete cathedral arch bridge in the nation.  That’s pretty dang groovy.

Me after work. Is there a nap option for the day??

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