Lazy Sunday

I got up and at ’em for the Reno Running Company Sunday Run. 6 miles were on the books but my running buddy emailed me that he was out of town. Bummer. I look forward to running with people that push me but I push back.  Well matched.  I did run with Lauren – she and I usually finish at right about the same time but I tend to fly down hills and struggle up them while she’s a power runner on hills. I stayed with her on the down so I could benefit from her up hill running prowess.  Holy hills batman!!  She maintains her 8:30 minute mile pace up anything!!  I wanted to throw up, but didn’t and realized (again) that hill work is something I need to do more of.  I didn’t get a single picture

My daughter Bri, Chris and I decided to do a trip to the lake so after running we threw on our bathing suits and headed out.  It was beautiful.  Again, no pictures early on and then the boat ran out of gas.  The Sheriff pulled us to the dock and we loaded up earlier than planned.  Now we know that when the gas gauge reads 1/4 full, it’s time to refill it!!  Learning is fun!  I did get pictures of us stopping at the best greasy food shack.  The rest of the day was pretty relaxing.

Bri and me

Chris and his burger

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