Ode To A Runner

Gotta love Dr Seuss!!

My brother in law wrote this for me based on the above page from Dr. Seuss:

There once was a beauty who decided to run. Soon she found that it was quite fun. Once around , twice around, three and then four.  Now the beauty runs every time she hits the door.  You might see her running from the front or from the back, down some lonely road or around some city track.  But no matter how you view her, you’ll see she’s really stacked. But that’s not what’s important , it’s all about the run, its about the way she finds herself and has a lot of fun. Damn, the girl just runs and runs and runs!

THANK YOU TONY!!!  I do like to run, but maybe not in the hot, hot sun.  Or the super wind.  Or below 10* but I digress…..

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