Trail Run

I went to the Reno Running Company Thursday night trail run. It was a blast. I really like this group of people. The trail run was supposed to stay in a group for safety reasons, etc… and at a slower pace, so those of us a little further ahead stopped at the 1 mile and 2 mile marker to wait and make sure everyone was doing well.  I have to admit I don’t like to stop.  It was an out and back and people were pretty much at least paired up but hey, I’m not running the show.  (That is a play on words if you didn’t catch it!)  It was up hill out 2.5 miles.  I do love trail runs!!  Not the up part but while running up and wanting to curse, I like thinking about running back down.

Frank and Me after the run showing off my injuries

We averaged about 11 minute miles going up but coming back down I was first in line to cross a stream via a fallen log and took the lead by default.  I was plugging along at just over 7 minute miles with Frank right on my heels.  Frank always beats me.  He’s a retired police officer from Barrow, AK so we both have Alaska in our blood which makes us pretty much related.  He’s 68 and an uber ultra runner.  I adore Frank.  I might have a man crush on him, even though he’s the age my father would be.  Since he was behind me he saw me eat major crap.  Yes, graceful and sexy all in one package.  Amazing, I know.  I biffed it, rolled, got back up and kept going.  Frank said, “You OK??”  “Yes”, I said.  “I’m fine!”.  “Wow.”  Frank said.  “You’re a real trail runner!”.  Best.  Compliment.  Ever.  Then he passed me with 3/4 of a mile left and beat me.  Again.  Still.  He’s amazing.

Upon entering my home, the kids saw my bleeding knees and elbow and went into what I like to call Mommy Mode.

My owies!!  Really not bad although I need to NOT make a habit of falling on trail runs…

Olivia liked bossing me around.  She told me to sit on the counter like I always make them do so she could wipe all the dirt off and clean me up because I was a mess.

Olivia taking care of me while I stuff my face with leftover dinner.  I’m probably dazed and confused looking because the adrenaline wore off…  I have the best kids ever!!

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