Hill Repeats. Say WHAT??!!

I took Michael Aish’s words to heart. I’m committed to maintaining the Sunday morning run as well as my long run. Tonight I’m starting the Thursday trail run with the same group that does the Sunday run from Reno Running Company. The “replacement” training – doing the NEW workout Michael suggested instead of what I was doing – started today also.  Tempo runs, intervals and hill repeats.  Sounds daunting.

Hill Repeats.  Run 2-5 times up a tough hill taking 2-3 minutes running up hard and jogging back down.  Right down the street from my house the road turns to dirt and there’s this hill…  Olivia got to practice driving a stick shift AND as a bonus took pictures.  WOW!  I’m the best mom E-V-E-R!!  Taylor joined me mostly to appease his sick, twisted curiosity.

I ran the hill 3 times and definitely did at most 2 minutes.  Hey, it’s the first time – Michael said to start slow, I listened.  Hill repeats are freaking hard.  Also it doesn’t take very long so even though I wanted to curse every time I went up hill, at the end I felt like I shouldn’t be done.  Again, I listened to Michael and went home.  I know over time I’ll be faster, do the entire 5 times and complete 3 minutes.  For now, this was good…

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