You’re My Perspiration

Sunday run at Reno Running Company. I don’t know why I’m not there every single Sunday. I so enjoy getting to know people, being social, surrounding myself with the running community.

Very attractive picture of myself getting ready to leave the house

Yes, I am a professional photographer. Thank you for noticing!!

Every time I’ve been so glad I’ve gone.  My new buddy David was there.  We’re pretty well paced which is nice.  Last week he pushed me, this week I pushed him a bit.  That’s what it’s all about.  He listens to his iPod so we don’t chat which is no big deal – I’m just glad I have someone who won’t let me get hopelessly lost since I have absolutely NO sense of direction.  Yes, even though I was holding the directions in my hand I was turning the wrong way once today.  Endearing, I know.

Anyway we’re plugging along in the 80+ heat and I hear David spit and snot rocket and I smile since I had just done the same thing.  I’m thinking how great it is to be with runners where you can spit, snot rocket, pee in a bush, sweat, adjust your crotch, share shot blocks melting in your pocket, talk about pooping and basically feel at ease with most bodily functions….  And my bra popped open!!  It zips on the side under my armpit and I obviously didn’t lock the zipper down.  Nothing sprang free and flashed – I caught it but I was extremely surprised.  I grabbed David’s arm, pointed and said “Help!”.  He leaned over, helped me zip it and we kept going.  No big deal.  Apparently David runs often with women who strip??  Geez, talk about utter humiliation!!

Back at the store I mentioned the warm, fuzzy thoughts about running I was contemplating at the moment of one of my most embarrassing occurrences, apologized and thanked him for not making it a big deal.  In my experience runners tend to be good people.  Whew!!

David and me as he was leaving. Again, thank you!!

This week on Facebook RRC posted this about today’s run:  “Join Reno Running Company for a special guest run this Sunday. Michael Aish, two time Olympian in the 5K and 10K, New Zealand National team member, and one of the most successful runners in NCAA DII history, will be joining us for the run. Starting at 9:30am Michael will be speaking about his running career and will stick around to answer any questions you have.”

Michael had the best accent ever!!  I asked about training from a half to a full marathon as well as increasing speed.  He was very laid back and had great information.  His camera crew filmed along the run as well as at the store and after my chatting with Michael they interviewed me for a show or movie that they’re hoping to release next Spring.  It was SO fun!!  You know, except for the part where my bra exploded…

Michael and me post interview

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