I don’t post every single day for a few reasons.  I work full time as a hairdresser.  I have my computer with me at work (like now) and I get online between clients but I do enjoy my job as well as my clientele so my blog isn’t necessarily my main gig all day every day.  A girl needs to make money for all that running related shopping!!  Also I do still have 8 of the 13 kiddo’s at home and they do take up a considerable amount of my life (shocking I know!!) which I love.  I schedule my work around my family as much as possible to maximize my time and energy with both.  Also, I don’t believe my life is SO exciting that everyone wants to hear about it every day.  I love my life, but it doesn’t hurt my feelings that the world doesn’t share my enthusiasm.  Finally I suck at remembering to take pictures.  After I do something or go somewhere I smack my forehead upon realizing the opportunity I just missed.  Being blonde is really, really hard….  Seriously, try it some time.  Exhausting…  So here’s a glimpse into my work life.  Riveting, I know…  Since I have a running bag with me here I might do an afternoon run.  Maybe I’ll even remember to take pictures!!

And, I’m a dork at work…

My station at work

Where I sit in the breakroom with my computer…

Me in my mirror at work

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    1. jennifershere Post author

      Three was the most difficult transition for me. After that things got easier. Kids usually happen one at a time, so I got used to having them little by little, although they’re very close in age. People who come visit say it’s not loud or chaotic like they assume. It’s not as if you take your 3 kids and multiply it by 4. As more came some things got more mellow because they all had playmates, they pair up and switch around. I have to admit, though, when I talk about it sometimes even I am perplexed!!

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