4th of July

How is it even possible to thank the men and women of the armed services for their service?? Not possible. There are no words. So thank you!

On the 4th all kinds of businesses advertised sales. Shopping and saving money?? My love language!! Chris wanted to go to Big 5 to get running shoes. I shook my head and he called me a shoe snob for only getting mine at the running store. Not entirely true. If there’s a pair I know I’ve worn and liked and Big 5 has them I’ll get them and save money. BUT, I know what I like and I don’t want to dumb it down – I don’t think the savings is that good.  Chris didn’t find anything so he succumbed to my subconscious push to go to Reno Running Company!!  YAY!!

I’m a Brooks girl.  Pure Connect.  Love, love them!!  Not totally minimalist (like the 5 finger Vibrams I wear sometimes) but pretty close.  With the best cushion and a trail option – Pure Grit.  Sigh…  If it’s possible for a shoe to be described with the word deliciousness that’s what I feel when I put them on.  I also rotate a pair of Saucony shoes that aren’t minimalist just to keep myself feeling like I’m living on the edge.  Crazy, I know!!  Chris found a new pair – after he finally did a gait analysis and tried on several pairs and then he asked if I wanted to get a new pair of digs for myself.  WHAT??!!  Don’t ask ME twice!!  They didn’t have my beloved Brooks in my size because, well, it’s the most popular (one more reason I’m popular!!  Sweet!)  So Kim – one of my favorite RRC employees (who am I kidding, I hugged each and every one of them!!) encouraged me to try the same level of drop in a different line just to mix things up.  Okie dokie!  I ended up running away with the Mizuno Wave Precision 12’s.

They are looking pretty spiffy!!


Runners are a loyal bunch.  When we find what we like, we stick with it.  I’ve always heard others talk about Mizuno’s and how they’re the best every and that’s how I felt about my Brooks.  In my mind Mizuno’s were out of my price range or league or something??  So I never even tried them on.  Weird.  I know.

Chris and I decided to do a run.  Yes, mid afternoon after an omelet with ham, onions, peppers and mushrooms in 90* heat with the crowds everywhere.  We’re not the sharpest tool…  Ran 5.5 miles slowly….  painfully slowly…. The heat was awful, I stopped to get my bandana wet in the river twice, people were everywhere and apparently seeing a runner coming toward you does not mean you should move over a little??  I averaged 9:30 minute miles which is about a minute per mile slower than normal.  But it got done.  I adore my new shoes.  There wasn’t a single issue so now I’m also a Mizuno wearer!  Here’s how awful we looked after…

Wearing a BodyRock Sport bra and Running Skirt bottom

Chris and me post run…

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