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Monday Motivation

Yes, it’s Tuesday!! Yesterday was spent at the lake with all the kiddos again. We had planned on going camping for a week, however we were told we had to rent 2 spots but they didn’t have 2 spots near each other available. Bummer. So to make it up to the kids (and it really doesn’t because we haven’t had one S’more) we’re trying to at least go to the lake together several times.  It’s both relaxing and exhausting.  I decided to work today for a few hours, catch up on laundry and relax a little.  Since we’re not actually camping, the kids also get to attend their normal activities so today we have ballet and scouts in the afternoon.  Tomorrow is another day at the lake….

Amen. Here’s to looking ahead!

Bridging the Gap

Similar to many cities across the US, Reno has a lot of construction going on. Reno is unlike other locations I’ve lived in however.  I don’t believe anyone is actually planning it out.  We’ve had the same sections done several times, some that desperately need to be done and aren’t and lots happening at the same time regardless of the fact that they’re overlapping so parts of town are nearly inaccessible.  It’s extremely frustrating.  HOWEVER, one of the projects involves constructing nine bridges and an 8.5 mile freeway from the Mount Rose Highway in Reno to the north end of Washoe Valley.  The new section of freeway officially opens to traffic in August connecting the state’s capital city of Carson City to the Interstate Highway System.  It’s a great project and something that will make an enormous difference in commute time and accidents as well as alleviate traffic congestion in more residential areas.  One of the bridges in the project is the Galena Creek Bridge – the longest concrete cathedral arch bridge in the nation.

Longest concrete cathedral arch bridge in the nation

Galena cathedral arch bridge

The DOT hosted a walk, bike, run yesterday.  The directions there seemed good when I printed them out, but 2 things were obvious upon our arrival:  1)  This was not put on by an event director for biking or running events and 2)  I’m spoiled by directors that run events very well.  The parking was at the 10K sign.  What they didn’t tell you is that it’s a 5K to the bridge.  That means your vehicle is a 5K away from where you are…..  Huh.

Chris and 6 of the kids ready to go!

The bike powered bar that was traveling the route

Chris and Me

Corrine – a running group friend

PORTA POTTIES!!!! These were the best smelling, cleanest potties EVER!!

I ran the 5K, took a ton of pictures, turned off the Garmin and headed back towards everyone.  Ran into Chris first:

Chris at the 5K turnaround

Then I ran into Samuel on his bike with Alana and Ashlea.  Told them to finish and find Chris.  I kept going until I found Kezia and Gabrielle and then finished with them.  I finally found all the kids and realized Chris had already headed back to the van so he could drive up and get the kids and they wouldn’t have to run a second 5K.  Told the kids to hang tight and headed back to the van so I could drive the truck to work….  There were several booths and lots going on so it was fun for the kids to hang out.



It was a beautiful view.  I caught up with Chris at the vehicles, he grabbed the kids and I went to work.  The kids got great swag bags while they were waiting and there were tons of people out running, walking and biking.  After today bikes and pedestrians will no longer be allowed on the highway.  I know every time we drive this section the kids will remember doing a 5K across the longest concrete cathedral arch bridge in the nation.  That’s pretty dang groovy.

Me after work. Is there a nap option for the day??

Heart Rate & Blinking Lights

At our run across the Galena Bridge the kids got some awesome swag bags (why didn’t I get a swag bag you may ask?? Because I had to haul butt back to the car so the kids didn’t have to run/walk a 10K) The bags came with a water bottle, mini first aid kit, waterproof envelope for credit card/license, several maps of the area, pens, pencils, stickers, coloring books, reflective shoe laces, etc… AND a light up reflector that blinks two different ways or stays solid. As I sit on the couch – granted a little punchy from getting up at 5am, running 8 miles and then hauling it to the salon to take care of 6 clients – I’m looking at the bags of swag with some jealousy….. “I want a lighty uppy thingy!!” I whined! My beautiful 20 year old daughter Bri sitting next to me said, “We all want you to have a lighty uppy thingy…. In between your ears!”  Awesome.  And true.

So Coach wants the team to train with a heart rate monitor.  I have one for my Garmin but Bri doesn’t have one.  I pulled out all my Polar relics to see if I could get anything to work.  BAM!!  I put a new battery in the Garmin and reprogrammed it and it’s all good.  Out of the other 3 monitors I got 2 to work!!  I’m ingenious.  Like a guru of technology….  Or lucky and good with batteries.  Whichever.

Oh yeah…. Sexy looking heart rate monitors… I have a spare if anyone else wants to join us on a run…


Training With A Coach

Having a coach is a relief. I share what I’ve done, who I am, what my goals are, etc… He evaluates me, pushes me, develops my weaknesses and formulates a plan. On paper it’s the easiest thing ever. Reality screams how difficult it is.

First what you need is the schedule of training – day, time and location.  If I could read well that would work fine, however on Tuesday I read that the location had changed so I drove to where it was supposed to be and no one came.  I was nearly in tears.  I don’t know why – I’m not a big crier, but there I was.  I was so excited, anxious, trepidatious about beginning training and to NOT have it happen was a huge letdown.  I received a call later asking where I was and when I realized I had driven to Thursdays meeting location and not Tuesdays I felt like a big idiot.  No problem.  Redo.  Start Thursday.

Thursday I knew where to go because I had been there!!  Points for me!!  6 miles were on the books with about ten of us.  6 miles.  No problem.  EXCEPT we were “running” up to 8100 feet in altitude.  Holy elevation, Bat Man!!  The parking lot we started at was 6200 feet.  We ran to the 1 mile mark, waited for everyone and were briefed on the remaining route.  In many peoples vernacular, this would be considered a “day hike” and we joked about whether we needed a rope and harness to get to the top.  Online when I Google searched Galena Trail it very clearly came up as a hike…..  Hike, coach.  Hike…

I believe coach timed me (How did he do this??  Because he was at the top waiting for me for over ten minutes!) at 38 minutes.  38!!!  I was second to last, wanted to die, wondered why I couldn’t catch up to the group in front of me and walked a huge part of the trail.  I later thought of the “big fish in a little pond” which, I suppose without realizing, I had previously felt.  Only comparing myself against myself means I don’t have stiff competition.  Comparing myself to runners who are in a more elite class means I’m a little fish.  Which is good.  The team couldn’t be more supportive and encouraging and I fell blessed to be pushed to be better than I am.  I love hills.  I love hills.  (The down part….)  Here’s a shot of the views – it was breathtaking:

Life’s A Beach

Yes, it was another rough day at the beach Sunday with the kids. It’s hard, but I’m willing to be strong and push through the pain…. I know.  My dedication to my family is overwhelming….  I’m thinking retirement and dual residency in Belize is the way to go at this point.  Chris and a couple kids got to wakeboard before it got choppy, all of us got to tube which was so fun I pretty much peed myself (or the tube as the case may be) but I’ll deny it if you ask.  Relaxing on the beach and playing in the water and with the kids was draining as you can well imagine.  Here’s our day in photos:

Races and Volunteering

5K on Saturday. YAY!! Last one this year in a series of 4. My running coach is the event director and he’s bomb so I run all of them with my teammates. We are a team after all!  That’s what we do.  I asked if my kids to volunteer this race to A) save me money and B) learn how much goes into the races. They were amazing. Coach Will and his lovely wife asked the girls to wear their pink glitter skirts again and they spread them out with different jobs.  We did learn a little bit about how much work goes into putting on an event – from helping with the last of the setup to the event and the breakdown of the equipment and course.

I PR’d!!  I was 3rd in my age group: Female 40-44, official time 24:16.5 average pace 7:49.  I wanted to come in at 21-24 minutes but I’ve never come in under 25 minutes.  I was thrilled and I’m working on my time slowly.  My goal is 3 half marathons locally next year beating my last PR of 1:47….  For now, this is fantastic.

Live Vicariously Folks….

Yes, my life is full of excitement!! OK, actually, it’s full. Of what I’m not sure??!! That’s rhetorical, by the way. Having a large family means I always have a lot going on – kids are worth every single second of the time they suck up but they do suck it up. Work takes up my time. Haven’t figured out how to make money writing from home or sitting around looking pretty so I do have to work. I adore my job, my salon and my clientele though so that helps. Helping Chris run his business also takes up time as does squeezing in some moments with him and no one else around (wink, wink!!).  So that leaves early morning hours, late night hours (Uh, no.  I’m not a night person) and manipulation of the schedule to make it seem like it’s so worth it for me to go for a run I’m actually doing everyone a favor.  BAM!!

My two boys are getting ready to go to Scout Camp and needed sports physicals.  Their 19 year old older brother naturally told them horror stories of what the doctor would do to them.  Oh, yeah, he’s on the hit list.  Anyway it was much easier than they anticipated.  TMI moment – we did sing a song about testicles after we left.  It was epic.  I should post it on YouTube.  Teaser:  They’re beautiful, they’re beautiful, my testicles….  Good times…

The boys before sports physical. They are ecstatic!!

ALSO, Olivia (who is 16 going on 30) had a defensive driving class for 5 hours.  I enrolled Brianna a few years ago and loved it.  Drivers Edge is a fantastic program.  Check it out for your kiddos ages 15-21 with a permit or license in your local area.

Olivia and Me in line. Epic

Olivia is a beast at defensive driving!!

In her car – she’s driving doing e-brake skids to learn how to steer out of them

Blurry. We decided this is what we look like with drunk goggles on

The class ran late which meant I ran late for my trail run.  Still got there, caught up with the group and made it back down with Frank (who naturally beat me as per usual!).  Met the woman that Coach wants me to pace with because she’s at my goal pace…  She was awesome!  Also met someone else who I’m planning on blogging about soon…..  Good news – I didn’t fall this time!!  Baby steps folks, baby steps!!

Lazy Sunday

I got up and at ’em for the Reno Running Company Sunday Run. 6 miles were on the books but my running buddy emailed me that he was out of town. Bummer. I look forward to running with people that push me but I push back.  Well matched.  I did run with Lauren – she and I usually finish at right about the same time but I tend to fly down hills and struggle up them while she’s a power runner on hills. I stayed with her on the down so I could benefit from her up hill running prowess.  Holy hills batman!!  She maintains her 8:30 minute mile pace up anything!!  I wanted to throw up, but didn’t and realized (again) that hill work is something I need to do more of.  I didn’t get a single picture

My daughter Bri, Chris and I decided to do a trip to the lake so after running we threw on our bathing suits and headed out.  It was beautiful.  Again, no pictures early on and then the boat ran out of gas.  The Sheriff pulled us to the dock and we loaded up earlier than planned.  Now we know that when the gas gauge reads 1/4 full, it’s time to refill it!!  Learning is fun!  I did get pictures of us stopping at the best greasy food shack.  The rest of the day was pretty relaxing.

Bri and me

Chris and his burger

Ode To A Runner

Gotta love Dr Seuss!!

My brother in law wrote this for me based on the above page from Dr. Seuss:

There once was a beauty who decided to run. Soon she found that it was quite fun. Once around , twice around, three and then four.  Now the beauty runs every time she hits the door.  You might see her running from the front or from the back, down some lonely road or around some city track.  But no matter how you view her, you’ll see she’s really stacked. But that’s not what’s important , it’s all about the run, its about the way she finds herself and has a lot of fun. Damn, the girl just runs and runs and runs!

THANK YOU TONY!!!  I do like to run, but maybe not in the hot, hot sun.  Or the super wind.  Or below 10* but I digress…..